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13th March 1913
13th March 1913
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Page 1, 13th March 1913

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Will the L.C.C. Buy Motorbuses?

Indications are not wanting that the L.C.C. Highways Committee may seek powers to purchase and run motorbuses. We do not as a...

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One Hears— From Mr. John E. Thornyeroft (under date the

24th February):—" Allow me to _congratulate you on your last Overseas edition, which is, in our opinion, very much ahead of...

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The Seventh C.M.U.A. Parade.

Official List of Entries. The C.M.U.A. Parade for 1913 promises to exceed in dimensions and support. the record that was made...

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" Heavy Motor Vehicles." A Notable Paper Presented to the I.A.E.•

Messrs. Geo. W. Watson and D. H. Kennedy Contribute Decided Views to the Inst.A.E. Proceedings. A paper of more than usual...

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In Public Service.

Forty Duerkopp omnibuses have been ordered for Leipzig. The second Dennis engine at Leeds has recently gone through a series...

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The Industry in Central Europe.

From Our Own Special Correspondents. The Magdeburg Corporation has resolved upon the purchase of two automobiles each for the...

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The Case for the Light Motorvan.

An Interesting Account of a Tradesman's Conversion from Horsed Vans to Light Motor Delivery Vans. Dramatis Persot;x The...

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An Adaptation for Unloading Cotton Goods.

The First Step Towards the Reduction of Congestion at Manchester Warehouses. Increasing attention is likely to be given, week...

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An Ingenious Man-catcher.

The guard illustrated herewith forms one of the many hundreds of this class of appliance which have been brought to our notice...

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Southey Producer Improvements.

This Interesting Apparatus now has Modified Circulating Arrangements. In October of last year we published a description,...

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Those of our friends with a humourous turn of mind

have not neglected to take advantage of the obvious opportunity afforded to them by the choice of title which we made for our...

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Out and Home.—By "The Extractor."

Bockemuhl not a Benedict. I hope to settle down to one caricature each week, now that the Manchester Show is relegated to the...

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Opinions from Others.

The Editor invites correspondence on all subjects connected with the use or commer ial motors. Letters should be on one side...

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The Purchase Department.

Where to Buy your Supplies. You Can Get It At-- " E.F." (Coventry).—In reply to your query as to puncture-proof tires, the...

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Drivers and Mechanics.

TEN SHILLINGS WEEKLY is paid for the best communication received, and one ?fanny a line of ten words for anything else...

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Patents Completed.

An Improved Clutch. J. W. Bowley, No. 3118, dated 7th February, 1912.—In the clutch mechanism described in this specification,...