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11th May 1940
11th May 1940
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Page 1, 11th May 1940

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Fuel Controller for the Army ?

T HERE are not wanting indications that fuel supplies for normal civilian transport requirements, and even for the carriage of...

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Passing Comments

Pulverized Coal Used A LTHOUGH producer gas as an Alternative 1 — k now fi g ures so lar g ely as an Fuel alternative to...

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One Hears

That " revivifying " solutions for batteries should be treated with great caution. That according to battery makers nothing...

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NEWS of the WEEK

BEET AND SOFT-FRUIT HAULAGE —A.R.O. ACTION A N attempt is being made by A.R.O. to provide that there shall be an improvement in...

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Comforts Funds Approaching £5,000

D ESPITE the splendid response to Lithe appeal for the R.A.S.C. and R.A.O.C. Comforts - Funds, launched by Mr. W. E. Rootes,...

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Express Carriers Make Notable Decisions

O N April 29 the National Conference of Express Carriers met at Birmingham, and important decisions were taken, which, it is...

Commissioner's Hint on How to

Stabilize Rates A PROMISE to investigate an allegation of exploitation of war-time circumstances to the detriment of Yorkshire...

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Wages That Must Now Be Paid By Hauliers

O N Monday last, May 6, Part III of the Road Haulage Wages Order, R.H.2, revised and re-issued in a new Order, R.H.4, came into...

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Another Rung Up the Producer-gas Ladder

Means for Overcoming a Fundamental Difficulty. Novel Application of Blower Solves Time-lag Problem and Dispenses with Need for...

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P.S.T.A, Conference Conclusions

Many. Interesting Points Raised During the Discussion on Ways and Means in War Time and by Speakers at the Association Luncheon...

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Minister Praises Operators' Ingenuity KTO better indication of the virility

of 1 lithe Public Service Transport ,Association could be forthcoming than was provided by the luncheon, over which Sir Joseph...

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8,000,000 More Acres Under the Plough

H. Ferguson Says That it is Possible , as well as a Saving of 100 Millions Sterling in Cost of Foodstuffs, by Using the...

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Operating Aspects of

Passenger Transport BRISTOL'S LAST TRAMS NEAR THEIR END A REPORT of the transport committee of Bristol City Council makes it...

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ACII new experience we gain of producer gas strengthens our conviction that it is not only the fuel of the moment but also that...

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Chain of Gas Stations for London

Plans to Develop Gas Points on Main R oads From London To M idlands and Coast i T is now passible for London users of vehicles...

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ri4E CAS LIGHT AND COKE CO. Works, Offices and ahowroorns: • Central Vincent Street, Westminster S.W.1. 146, Goswell Road,...

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Easily Produced Constant velocity Universal Joint

simplify and cheapen the manufacture of precision universal joints is the object of a design shown in patent No. 518,838 by the...