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11th January 1917
11th January 1917
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Page 1, 11th January 1917

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Women Not Fit for the Work, or Work Not Fit for the Women ?

We have taken a decided view, since the earliest proposals were brought about by war conditions for the substitution of female...

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1917 : The Agent's Year Article III.

The Deficiencies of Accommodation at Private-car Garages. By the Editor. • It was remarked, in the course of Article II of...

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One Hears

"Watch Leyland.' "Buy Underground A shares." "Don't condemn the chain drive." That more motors are turning on gas. That new...

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From Tottenham Court Road to the Trenches.

The Y.M.C.A. and Motor Transport. Night and Day Work by all Classes of Vehicles horn the Four-ton Lorry to the Small Car. A...

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The Wheels of Industry.

The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriage is by the...

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New Electric Vehicles.

Electromobiles (Leeds), Ltd., Makes a New Departure and Markets a Range of Chassis Having Several Distinctive Features....

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Light Vans for Laundries.

Although we are of the opinion that the utility of the light van is by no means confined to any one particular trade, this...

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Out and Home IlAaklet-armed Chairman.

A Luncheon Party of Thoroughbreds and a By "The Extractor." Looking Ahead. Our caricaturie contributor " G.A.S." was on...

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Coal Delivery in the U.S,A.

:Modern .efficiency experts are always devising some new way of cutting tho costs of doing business, of making every minute...

Miniature Electric Vehicles.

There is no time like the present fOr the introduction of all forms of labour-saving deVices. Not only is the productive...

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Our Despatches front the Front (No. 122),

Preparing an MS., A.S.C. Unit for Duty with a Siege Battery Overseas. • WITH A. SLEGE BATTERY, November, 1916. (ConMwed from...

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• Our Campaign Comforts Fund.

Large Stock of Finished Cases in fland at End of September Last. New Year Additions to Our List of Monthly Subscribers Wanted....

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The Ford Agricultural Motor.

Correspondence which Speaks for Itself. " THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR, London, England. "Gentlemen,—With reference to Mr. John...

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The Wood-Milne Pump. It is undoubtedly a fact that the majority of tire troubles are occasioned by under-inflation. Of ten...

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Answers to Queries.

Coal-gas Experiments. [4108] (Covent Garden).—If you want any gas supplies in the area of the Edmonton and Tottenham Co. for...

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Lampa Alight.

Light your lamps at 4.47 in London, 4.37 in Edinburgh, 4.36 in Newcastle, 4.50 in Liverpool, 4.50 in Birmingham, and 4.57 in...

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Patents Completed.

Convertible Bodies. Silencer Construction. A Detachable Rim. Makeand-Break Devices for Magnetos. Copies of complete...