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10th October 1907
10th October 1907
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Page 1, 10th October 1907

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The Real Cause of Noise from London Motorbuses.

Excessive speed is still the canker that eats into motorbus profits in London. Time and again have we protested against the...

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German Commercial Motor Trials : A Muddle.

From Our Berlin Correspondent. Experience does not seem to profit the officials of the Imperial Motor Club. What occurred in...

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Vehicles in the Trials.

The "Thames" 10-Cwt. 1 20-Cwt., and 60-Cwt. Vehicles. If one were asked the question " which of all the vehicles in the trials...

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Utility Motors in France.

Notes from Our Paris Correspondent. Motorcab Tariffs. Under the presidency of M. Charles Humbert, deputy for Verdun, a...

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The Motor Omnibus World.

Without a License. Mr. William Stanway, of Blackfriars Street, Manchester, the local agent for the Ryknield Motor Company,...

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The Disqualification of B8. The Editor, " TUE CONIMERuIAL MOTOR," Sir :—The description contained in the paragraph of your...

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News and Comment.

This journal fosters, represents, and chronicles commercial motoring in all its branches. We originate: others imitate. R.A.C....

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The Engineering and Machinery Exhibition.

Third Notice. Drummond Brothers, Ltd., of Guildford. (Stand No. 125.) This enterprising young company has a capital show of...

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‘oint-making and Gland-packing.

Contributed by an Engineer-in-Charge. The various joints on steam wagons and tractors are neither complicated nor numerous,...

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Patents Completed.

HYDRAULIC CLUTCH.—Hann.—No. 19,211, dated 28th August, 1906.—According to this invention, two members are arranged to rotate...