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10th August 1940
10th August 1940
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Page 1, 10th August 1940

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The Market in Used Vehicles

R ESTRICTION on the sale or disposal in other ways of new commercial vehicles to those who—and there are few exceptions— are...

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Passing Comments

Howl nterest on Bank rRITICISMS have sometimes Loans Affects Hire •—•been made in the industry Purchase regarding the alleged...

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One Hears

It hoped that the M. of T. is not going completely " loco.' That our A.R.P. organization is not "all ballooncy." Of summer...

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NEWS of the WEEK

ARRANGING FAIR PLAY IN FUEL PRICES _ A s a. result of the diminution in the number of operators who can car - y such stocks of...

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Personal Pars

LIEUTENANT FRANK G. BLUBINGS, Royal Engineers, formerly secretary and afterwards licensing officer of .A.R.O.'s Yorkshire...

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What A.R.O. Has Done and Is Doing

A N outspoken condemnation of the subversive and obstructionist tactics of the Ministry of Transport was the main feature of...

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Croydon Harnesses Methane for Salvage Transport

WASTAGE of a magnitude that is VV little short of amazing has been revealed by the campaign for economy, that is a feature of...

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Who Represents the Ancillary User?

T HE leading article, " Keep Haulage Representation Apart," in The Commercial Motor dated July 20, makes it necessary to draw...

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IN last week's issue, whilst I gave the figures for cost of 'operation and the time and mileage charges upon which the...

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War's Burden on Furni ture-removers' Transport

T HE war is causing a marked increase in the furniture-removals business, and many furnishing concerns are finding it...

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To Enhance Vacuum-brake Reliability

J UST as the problem of making. a joint in a vacuum system is relatively small, because the parts—unlike those of a pressure...

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Road Motors Harvest 8,000 Tons of Peas in Six Weeks

O FFICIALS at canning factories state that the demand for tinned peas is greater during the period when fresh peas are...

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S te Welding Now Practicable

T O state that it has hithert6 been impossible to weld together ferrous and non-ferrous metals, notably steel and aluminium, is...

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ARE INSURANCE RATES ON GOODS VEHICLES EXCESSIVE? B EING readers of your journal for several years, may we write to you in...

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Operating Aspects of

PASSENGER TRANSPORT STOCKTON'S BEST YEAR FOR BUSES S TOCKTON municipal bus undertaking had its hest year in the period endcd...

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Universal Semi-trailer Coupling Attachment

T HEpopular type of semi-trailer employing two road wheels, with a retractable pair of wheeled legs for use when standing, is...