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10th April 1942
10th April 1942
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Page 1, 10th April 1942

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Rubber Position Inelastic

T HE need for conserving our supplies of rubber may well have had quite as much to do with the coming cessation of the basic...

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Passing Comments that German U-boats are to embody a motor

which replaces the ordinary Diesel, engine for surface use and electric motors for under-water operation. We have an idea that...

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One Hears

That Britain still has plenty of mettle. That having to stand in bus queues should cumin ate the thrustful incubus. Of the...

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News of the Week 700 NEW VEHICLES AVAILABLE THE Minister

of War Transport has decided to, release 700 International Harvester vehicles which he .,11as imported from the U.S.A....

Notes on the Government Road Haulage Scheme

Supplied by the Ministry of War Transport and the Hauliers' National Traffic Pool, to keep the Industry Informed of...

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Personal Pars

MR. H. H. LANCASTER has been Compelled through ill-health to relinquish his post as chief traffic officer in Leeds City...

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M. of W.T. and Short-distance Hire

THE terms of payment for the hire of goods road motor vehicles (short. distanceand local services) by the M.' of W.T. (Road...

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)UGH-GROUND TYRE PROBLEMS T RACK-LAYING machines are definitely in the news at the present time. Military requirements,...

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What Position Should the B.R.F. Occupy ?

Our Well-versed Contributor Has Established a Reputation for the Controversial Nature of the Various Problems and Subjects With...

B.R.F. Reconstruction Committee Welcomed

T HE leading article in the trlopthly Bulletin of Road Information for April, issued by the British Road Federation, deals with...

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Textile Maker's Efforts to Sav( Liquid Fuel

T HE vital importance of road transport to the textile industry is emphasized in a study recently undertaken by a " C.M." staff...

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New Tyre-rationing Scheme

How the Various Classes of User, Particularly Com. mercial-vehicle Operators, are Affected by the New Method of Distribution...

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UERIES WHO SHOULD REPRESENT ROAD TRANSPORT INDUSTRY? . I AM somewhat surprised that your general editorial 1 line is that A...

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Moulding Tyres to Halve Deformation Stresses

A Risunid of Patent Specifications that Have Recently Been Published A RUNNING tyre is" Continually • being flexed between...