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News of Municipal Activities Increa,sed Taxation en Buses Would Affect Rates.

9th September 1932
Page 45
Page 45, 9th September 1932 — News of Municipal Activities Increa,sed Taxation en Buses Would Affect Rates.
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Councillor H. H. Nuttall has sent to every member of Liverpool City Council a memorandum wherein he expatiates on the effects of recommendations contained in the Salter Report, particularly that referring to the cost Of licences. In the year ended March 31st last bus licences cost Liverpool Corporation £12,714, representing .69d. per bus-mile, in addition to which there was the petrol tax of 8d. per gallon, makiog the total cost of taxation about £350 per bus per annum. On the corporation fleet of 159 buses the increased tax would amount to £23,620 a year, equivalent to nearly a penny rate.

The city engineer's department controls 107 vehicles, and the increased taxation would be £6,637, making a total of 111,969. He draws the conclusion that heavier taxation would result in many vehicles being withdrawn from service and a restriction of the use that would be made of the new Mersey Tunnel (with consequent loss of tolls) which is due to open in about a year.

Ruses Do Well at Warrington.

During the year ended March 31st, 1932, the revenue obtained from the operation of the buses of Warrington Corporation amounted to £36,155, as against £26,586 ayear earlier, and working expenses to 123,603, as con

trasted with £19,133 a year earlier.. The balance transferred to the net revenue account amounted on last year's operations to £12,552, the comparable figure for the previous year being £7,454. There were no interest on capital or sinkingfund charges to meet, but after taking income tax and bank interest into account, the gross profit was reduced to a net figure of 111,317.

During the year the buses covered an aggregate mileage of 467,443 and carried 7,585,736 passengers. The corporation owns 24 buses-22 Leylands and two A.E.C.s, all double-deckers.

The average number of miles per day per bus was 122.5, the average speed per bus being 7.6 m.p.h., and the average hours per day per bus 16. The capital expenditure On the bus system amounted, at the cad of March last, to £46,602.

Dewsbury's Hired-transport Acceptance.

At a meeting of .the highways committee of Dewsbury Corporation the transport manager submitted tenders for the supply of hired transport for the six months ending March 30th, 1933, and the following tender of Messrs. Brooke Bros. was accepted r..3-ton wagon and extra man, 5s, 3d. per hour ; 3-ton wagon, 4s. per hour ; 30-cwt. wagon, 3s. 2d. per hour ; 1-ton wagon, 35. per hour. In all cases the vehicles have tipping bodies.

Manchester Institute's Transport Course.

A transport diploma course has recently been organized in the Municipal High School of Commerce, Princess Street, Manchester, by the Manchester Education Committee, in consultation with the Manchester and District Traffic Association, and the managers of the transport departments of well-known manufacturing and commercial concerns.

The object of the course of instruction is to provide for members of the staffs of transport departments complete facilities, for the study of the problems arising out of road, railway and water transport. This is the first course of its kind instituted in Manchester. Details of the course can be obtained from the principal.

Level-crossing Investigation by Ministry.

Llanelly Bbrough Council has been informed that the Ministry of Transport is to investigate the council's complaints concerning the delays caused to mainroad traffic by the Llanelly Station Road level-crossing of the Great Western Railway. The council had submitted to the Ministry statistics of the delays caused to traffic, as well as a statement of the alleged unsuccessful protests to the railway company.

Major Evans, of the Ministry, is -to visit the site, accompanied by council members.

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