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The Purchase Department.

9th January 1913, Page 17
9th January 1913
Page 17
Page 17, 9th January 1913 — The Purchase Department.
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Where to Buy your Supplies.

Interesting and New Supplies horn Factory and Showroom.

A General Utility Engine.

The photograph reproduced below shows a number of Brooke petrol engines adapted for driving electric plant for searchlight use. A large business has been built up by J. W. Brooke and Co., Ltd., in its combined petrol dynamo installations, which vary in out put capacity from 40 k.w. downwards. -This company also makes a range oE small combined petrol engines and pumping sets. the 4 h.p. unit of which, running at 950 r.p.m., is capable of throwing 310 gallons of water per minute against A. 20 ft. head. Petrol-driven railway-inspection cars are also manufactured by this company, and these are in continual demand by railways at home and abroad.

A Larger Tire Depot.

The Nvon India Rubber Co., Ltd., informs us that, owing to the recent opening of several new provincial branches, it became necessary, not very long ago, for the company to possess itself of larger London showrooms and warehouses. Accordingly, therefore, the showroom at 35, Long Acre, has now been changed to 19, Newman Street. Oxford Street, W. A competent staff of fitters is employed at the new premises, and the company is prepared to fit its solid band tires to the vans and wagons of its customers free of charge.

You Can Get It At " A.E.W." (Salford).--In reply to your inquiry as to the makers of accurate ball bearings, you cannot do better than get into touch with United Motor Industries, Ltd., of 45-16 Poland Street, London, W. This company manufactures the " D.W.F." bearings, the balls of which are guaranteed to be true to one fiftythousandth part of an inch. This concern will no doubt supply you with small quantities of these accessories.

"s." (Salisbury).—C. Dodson, Horseferry Road, Westminster, build double-decked motorbus bodies. A New Bruhn Recorder.

The illustration reproduced herewith shows the latest development in mileage recorders as made by ktruhn's Taxameter, Ltd., 245, Gray's Inn _Koala, London, W.O.

This appliance is an entirely new departure so far as this maker is concerned. Many of our readers are, no doubt, familiar with the Bruhn hub mile recorder, a. device which has achieved a fair measure of popularity with users, Intended for use on hard-worked commercial vehicles of every type, the maker has decided to mount the new appliance in a more accessible and less exposed position than the hub, and accordingly it has been resolved to use the dash as the most suitable housing position. The recorder is worked by a slowrunning taximeter transmission, of the type which has already proved so successful. The instrument itself, or rather the internal recording mechanism, is also actuated in a similar manner to that which has been found successful in taximeter construction.

An endless ring attached to the road wheel of the vehicle, turns a ten-toothed star-wheel, which is strongly boxed in a case mounted on a bracket fixed to the stub axle. To the spindle of the star-wheel is attached a flexible cable, which transmits the motion to the motive lever, and from thence to the recorder proper. The distance between the recorder and the motive lever is constant at all times, and so far as can be seen, there is little likelihood of this distance varying under any normal condition of service.

The main-driving shaft is effectually protected from injury. The motive lever mechanism and recorder are enclosed in the same neat case. The instrument registers up to 10,000 miles, and the use of composition rollers, on which the figures are painted in black, makes it an easy matter to note the mileage. A suitable bracket is provided for the purpose of attaching the recorder to the dashboard.


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