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5th March 1908, Page 24
5th March 1908
Page 24
Page 24, 5th March 1908 — PatentsVCompleted.
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CARBURETTER.—Scott.—No. 10,274, -dated 3rd May, 1907.—This carburetter is provided with a series of jet nozzles (A1 -which are arranged in an annular car. buretting chamber (B). This chamber communicates with the mixture chamber (A) through ports (B1). A valve (C) is provided within the mixture chamber (A); this latter has a series of openings iC1) corresponding to the ports (B1) 'These openings vary in length so that, as the valve is lifted, a certain limited number of the openings, or .ports (B1), will be uncovered. In operation, the suction from the engine overcomes the weight of the piston valve (C), and, as it rises, it uncovers the majority of the ports (131) by means of the apertures (Cl). It will be seen that, as the valve (C) uncovers a '

L ,greater number of ports, the effective su-don in the chamber (A), and at the jets, 1

-is not increased. Thus, if the number of ports arranged to open is properly pro-portioned, the mixture will remain constant.

AUTOMATIC REGULATOR FOR IGNITION.—Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft.—No. 3,514/1907, dated (under Convention) 13th February, 1906.—The weights (a) of the governor, upon being rotated by the governor shaft (b), act, by means of a lever (4) and a sleeve (d), on a lever (y') pivoted at ft. The lever (f) 'has an inclined slot, or guide way (g), on its upper end ; a sliding block (h) moves it this slot. This sliding block is -mounted upon the extremity of the bellcrank lever (i, k); the arm (k) of this lever is pivotally connected with a link (1) which is fixed, at its opposite end, to -the lower extremity of the ignition rod (e), the latter being actuated by the ignition cam (m). By means of this gear, -the lower end of the ignition rod is dis placed out of the vertical plane, which passes through -the centre of the ignition camshaft (o), to a degree corresponding

to the amount of movement given to the

ea. levers (f, 1, k). Thus the ignition rod is lifted earlier, or later, in the stroke by the ignition cam (m), the result being that

the ignition is advanced, or retarded, automatically, according to the speed of the motor.

DRIVING CHAIN. — Morse. — No. 870/1908, dated (under Convention) 31st January, 1907.—The links are composed of two side plates (1) and of an intermediate block (2) which is adapted to engage sprocket teeth at its ends. The hearing surfaces for the central, pin 111CM. her of the joint are arranged in the ends

of the link members which are adapted to hold one of the side, pintle parts (3, 4) in place. The link members also provide clearance for the free movement of the other side, pintle part, and the central pin member (5) ; the latter is provided with concave bearing surfaces. It will be seen fiat a relative movement between the pin, and both of the bearing surfaces engaging therewith, takes place at the flexing of the joint.

HAND SHIELD. — Newman. —No. 19,980, dated 6th February, 1907.—This invention relates to devices for protecting the hands and feet of drivers of motor vehicles. A bracket (C), which is clipped to the steering pillar (I), carries a waterproof covering (B4) which extends from the floor of the car over the steering wheel. The part of the covering between the points (E, F) is filled in with mica so that the driver can see to manipulate the operating levers.


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