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Passing Comments

4th November 1939
Page 23
Page 23, 4th November 1939 — Passing Comments
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Mother Hubbard's A SUSSEX contractor had History Repeated rn. three lorries employed in Last Week . . haulage for a brick and tile works. At the outbreak of hostilities two were commandeered, so he ordered a new 3-tonner. When he arrived to collect it theā€¢ cupboard was bare; in other words, his new vehicle had been seized en route.

Clean Your Plugs A S we have pointed out on and Avoid Fuel 1-1 several occasions, dirty or

Wastage . worn sparking plugs may

cause much fuel wastage. Tests have shown a wastage as great as 10 per cent., whilst creating difficulty in starting and loss of power. Plug cleaning is not always easy, particularly in the one-piece type, but at a nominal cost cleaning can be effected in the AC-Sphinx machine, with which most garages are equipped. In this device a fine abrasive is blown into the plug and

removes every particle of dirt and carbon. Some people consider this should not be used where there is mica insulation. We would like to know from the experience of users whether there be any justification for this suggestion.

Women's Land Army MICE remarks regarding the is Proving Success114 quality of the Women's

ful Land Army have been made

by the National Farmers' Union. This body points out that many thousands of women have volunteered for service, and those who are not used to agricultural work are being given short courses of training at agricultural colleges, farm institutes or approved farms. A feature is being made of training as tractor drivers. The reports from the centres show that trainees are keen, adaptable and likely to reach a high degree of proficiency. This is surely to the credit of both the women and the tractors.


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