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4th April 1918, Page 3
4th April 1918
Page 3
Page 3, 4th April 1918 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of a coming scarcity of Fords Of priority in loans for farmers.

That the Tanks take toll of the tarmac. A thousand theories about a single gun.

That the times are out of joint but not out of rhyme.

That the " joy-stick " is nowadays the chief of staffs.

From the States, that the combined show pays the best.

That transport units have entered upon yet a further new role.

Aircraft tales that lead one to suppose that. rumour is a flying jade.

That even a lady driver might treat her engine in a cursory manner.

That the "Liberty " lorry wisely combines versatility and stability.

That there WM be no new touring car chassis for two years after the war.

That the ideal lorry will combine the attributes of a tank and an aeroplane.

• That it is becoming customary to measure the merit of a manufactory in acres.

That only a spider would appreciate the inwardness of an induction invention.

• That at peace-time we shall be too wise to buy flags and too weak fo wag them.

That gas has been defined as "a chemical concentration of airy generalities."

• That in the offensives, both at the Front' and the farm's, gas Will play its part.

That they pay their ministerial secretaries 1 dollar per annum across the Atlantic.

That 'elbow grease is the only lubricant. which is bOth'inexpeniive and unwanted.

That allthe agents are looking to the commereial motor for afterethe.war business. • That the M.O.M. ought to have no difficulty in choosing between vehicles and parts. Of oil from sand.

After the tractor, the house-lighting set.

And covers one's ears as a tractor passes over a cobbled street.

That the one-way plough does not seem to be popular in America.

That the most active part of many establishments is the charging-room. ° That the use of a State-owned formula should be patent to everyone.

That standardization should be one of the first concerns of the industry. • " Wholesale Only" as a description of the projected minimum mileage for railed goods.

The following conundrum—What is it that the cheaper it becomes the harder it is to buy ?

That the big oil companies in U.S.A. produced at the rate of a million barrels a day during 1917.

That among the last of the war-created departments to become defunct will be the Food Ministry.

That labour disputes in 1917 accounts for the loss of no fewer than 51.rnillion working days in this country alone.

. That there are other tyres than the pneumatic and solid,, wherein may be a Partial-solution of the skidding problem.

-That there is a serious •surplu.s of gasoline in America. and that everyone there is being urged t) use it, as storage is overtaxed..

That thermaistat;cally--regulated radiator shutters, 'Which automatically vary the area of radiator surface, constitute the latest idea., That Mr. Victor Feeny mist nowadays be ple, to it very hard to keep other people from talk ng'of eaten:. Pillars as if they were their own. • That agrimotor types in exiStence can none of them be regarded as anywhere near finality, and that there is Very little, if any, trader " practice " yet That some other way than providing soldiers' tunics with a third sleeve will have to be found to ac&mmodate any further distinction badges that may be instituted.


Organisations: Food Ministry
People: Victor Feeny

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