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3rd August 1926, Page 22
3rd August 1926
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A Comprehensive Coaching Programme as Part of the Activities

L. of a Prominent Bus Company.

ANAME which comes well to the fore when the progress of the motor coach industry in the north-east coast neighbourhood is under consideration is that of the Northern General Transport Co., Ltd. The company have a long and intimate connecaon with the road-passenger transport industry, and have made tremendous strides since the end of the war. It was in 1913 that the first "Northern" vehicles were put on the road. At that time about half, a dozen units ran on a six or seven miles route between LoW Fell, Gateshead, and Chester-le-Street, the last-named being the birthplace of the company. At the present time the company control a huge network of regular routes connecting practically every town, village and hamlet on south Tyneside and the north

east and west of the county of Durham. Including the vehicles taken over by the recent absorption of the Sunderland District Transport Co., Ltd., the fleet numbers approximately 250 buses and coaches, and the route mileage which is worked is in excess of 200.

This is sufficient to indicate the enterprise and initiative of the management. The purpose of this article is to deal, in particular, with the manner in which the coaching side of the business has developed.

The Northern General Transport Co., Ltd., have always kept abreast of the times, and new vehicles which have been added year by year have always been purchased with a keen regard for the public's requirements and the trend of coaching development. The 1926 coach ing fleet comprises 12 Daimler 82-seaters, shod with giant pneumatics; tyre equipment of this kind is rapidly becoming standard throughout the company's fleet.

They continue to pin their faith to large-capacity units on tier:Mint of the proportionately lower operating costs as compared with lighter vehicles and because, thereby, fares can be kept down to the lowest figure consistent with adequate maintenance, comfort and efficient service. In addition to the 32seater open-type coaches the company also have available a number of 14 and 20-seater saloon buses for private party work. These are also utilized where the bookings for an advertised tour do not warrant the running of a large coach.

Each of the past four or five years has seen extensive additions to and improvements in the company's summer coaching programme. Similarly, each season has brought to light little likes or dislikes on the part of the travelling public. These have been cultivated or eliminated, as the case might be, in future arrangements. In this manner the company have obtained a regular and growing circle of satisfied patrons.

The 192& programme is quite the most ambitious yet arranged in the north country. This remark applies with special force to the extended tours side. In 1924 the Northern General Transport Co.. Ltd., arranged about 130 tours, covering a total mileage of between 40,000 and 50,000. Of these about 50 were two and three-day runs. Last year the total number of tours was increased to 231, of which 90 were whole day and half-day outings, 57 short evening runs—an innovation for the district—and the remaining 84 extended tours. There is a considerable increase this year in the total number, of wholeday and half-day outings, both of the direct to destination and circular varieties, which are being run on the basis of between 15 and 20 per week.

On the extended tours side equally

elaborate arrangements have been made. These embrace tours occupying from three to seven days and total about GO.

In all cases, except the Blackpool tour, the charge is inclusive of first-class hotel accommodation and meals. Several of the above-mentioned tours are being run for the first time this season and are being well patronized. The sevenday tours are complete summer vacations in themselves, and provide patrons with an excellent opportunity for enjoying all the pleasures of the areas visited without involving any of the customary pre-holiday troubles when the railway is used. A reasonable amount of luggage may be taken by passengers on all extended tours. The Lakeland tours are run each Tuesday throughout the season.

The following table-shows at a glance the comprehensive arrangements made by the company for extended tours during the present season :—


Locations: Chester, Gateshead, Durham

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