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Close finishes

31st May 1968, Page 18
31st May 1968
Page 18
Page 18, 31st May 1968 — Close finishes
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by Ashley Taylor

• Driving an AEC, A. Green of Rookes Transport Ltd., Tadcaster, won Class H at the York LDOY round on Sunday, and in the run-off for the best overall driver snatched a last-minute victory from B. A. Robinson (SPD Ltd.), Ford. For the run-off all competitors had to carry out a garage test on a Commer rigid six-wheeler.

Now Green will head the York contingent at the LDOY national final—it will be his fourth appearance at Nuneaton.

In Class D Robinson had a six-point margin over G. Baker (Geoff Baker, Cornmer), last year's winner in this section. Robinson with 32 marks, recorded the lowest penalty of the day. R. Jones (Mechplant Ltd, Bedford) was next with 34 penalty points in Class El. J. Wilkinson (Regent Oil Co. Ltd., Bedford) was again the sole competitor in Class F2 and so goes to the final where he performed so well in 1967. First three places in Fl, where there was keen competition, were filled by British Railways drivers. Finishing third in El,

F.W.Dyson (Tadcaster R DC, SD Pakamatic) led the field in the Municipal section for which there were nine entries.

On this occasion the competition was moved from Rufforth Airfield to Clifton, York, a more convenient venue for spectators, where an extensive depot was lent for the purpose by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works. Unfortunately, owing to the large proportion of late entries the printed programme did not offer much enlightenment for them. As compared with last year's 86 the printed list showed only 59. Information prepared on the morning produced a total of 140 and 111 actually started. At the outset there was clearly a certain amount of strain on the organization; some drivers who arrived early and had completed the road circuit by 9.30 a.m. had a lengthy wait before taking the tests. Things straightened themselves out, however, as they have a habit of doing at York and the run-off was completed soon after 5 p.m.


Class A; up to 16ft: 1. J. D. Borrill (Westgate Motors Ltd.), Austin, 44 points; 2, J. Cooper (Universal Tyre Co. Ltd.), Morris. 83: 3. M. F. Gardiner (Universal Tyre Co. Ltd.), Morris, 93.

Cie(18 B; 16 to 19ft: 1. J. W. Barker {J and E. Bertram Ltd.). Bedford, 224: 2. A. E. Clarkson (G. Moore and Son). Austin, 246; 3, J. Watson {Mechplant Ltd.), Bedford, 258. Class C; 19 to 22ft: 1. J. Hall {HallsTransport). Ford. 55:2, D. Warriner (J. Terry and Sons Ltd.). Bedford, 85; 3, F. Coulson (York County Engineers Dept.), Bedford, 100. Class D; 22 to 25ft: 1. B. A. Robinson (SPD Lid.), Ford, 32; 2, G. Baker (Geoff Baked, Commer, 38; 3, E. Pink (RookesTransport Ltd.), Commer, 48.

Class El; 25ft with two axles: 1. R. Jones (Mechplant Ltd.), Bedford, 34: 2, C. B. Upton (John Smiths Brewery Ltd.), Atkinson, 53; 3, F. W. Dyson {Tadcaster RDC.), SD Pakamatic, 91.

Class E2; Over 25ft with more than two axles: 1, D. Jewitt (Schweppes Ltd.), Ford, 91: 2, F. Preston {Regent Oil Co. Ltd.), Leyland, 102; 3, R. J. Hodgson (I H. Trotter Ltd.), Commer, 125.

Class Fl; Flat or sided semi-trailers with flat or drop-frame, up to and Including 33ft overall length: 1, T. E. Leighton (British Railways), Karrier, 57; 2, E. Wright (British Railways), Karrier, 178; 3, L. F. Tapham {British Railways), Seddon, 460.

Class F2; Box or tank semi-trailers with flat or dropframe, up to and including 33ft; overall length: 1, J. Wilkinson {Regent Di! Co. Ltd.). Bedford, 479 (only competitor).

Class G; Flat Or sided semi-trailers with flat or dropframes over 33ft: 1. C. M. Grant (Elliott Hauliers Ltd.), Foden. 257; 2, D. Green (Rookes Transport Ltd.), ERF, 109;3, D. Race, J. H. Tait (Transport Ltd.). Bedford. 114. Class H; Box or tank serni-trailers with flat or dropframe over 3351: 1. A. Green (Rookes Transport Ltd.), AEC, 193: 2, E. Docisworth (G. Moore and Co. Ltd.), Albion, 226; 3. J. Kennedy {J. H. Tait Transport Ltd.), Leyland, 227. B eatteam :J, C. Sanders, Harrogate.

Best municipal driver: F. Dyson (Tadcaster ROC, SD Pakamatic.

B est service driver: F. Barraclough (Ministry of Public Buildings and Works), BMC. Overall champion:A. Green (Rookes Transp Ltd.).

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