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Colchester Reader Wins Prize

31st July 1964, Page 36
31st July 1964
Page 36
Page 36, 31st July 1964 — Colchester Reader Wins Prize
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THIS week's prizewinner is Mr. C. 1 Martin, of Almesford, Colchester, Essex. He says he is sure that there must be other operators using Bedford TKs powered by 300-cu.-in. engines where drivers complain of power shortage. To overcome this at reasonable cost, says Mr. Martin, when the 300-cu.-in. unit on one of his vehicles had completed 125,000 miles it was replaced by a 330-cu.-in. unit.

The procedure was as follows. A 330-cu.-in, short motor unit was purchased—as the 300-cu.-in. unit was a long-stud engine, a new cylinder head had to be bought in a basic state: the valves from the 300-cu.-in. head all fitted the 330-cu.-in. head. Then the short motor was built up in the normal way. As for a 330-cu.-in. unit the only other major problem was the injection pump. The elements had to be changed from 7-5 mm. to 8.0 mm. to suit the 330-cu.-in. unit; also the governor springs had to be changed.

The next problem arose on fitting the pump bracket to the block, as the 330-cu.-in. unit is partly flange-moulted to the compressor. But Vauxhall leaves a machined face for the bracket to be fitted—so by means of clever filing and drilling this problem can soon be solved.

The main point to be careful with on the whole operation is the lining up of the injection pump. Fitted with a Simms CR coupling our run out was only 0-002 in.

The cost of the whole operation, over and above a normal short motor engine overhaul after 125,000 miles in a tractor unit, was the purchase of a cylinder head (£40). This, we consider, is not at all bad for the extra power we have. Fuel consumption has improved from TO m.p.g. to 115 m.p.g.

Comments Handyman: I am surprised that fuel consumption is improved despite the increased fuel delivery.


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