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This is getting silly now!

30th January 2014
Page 12
Page 12, 30th January 2014 — This is getting silly now!
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GET THIS, CM: when one of my wagons was stopped last week, nothing wrong was found with the trailer or the wagon mechanically. My driver was then told that an inside tractor

unit tyre looked under-inflated.

However, they did not have a gauge to say how much pressure was in the tyre. They gave him a prohibition and told him to call out the tyre services to blow it up — we got a nice bill for that. We suggested he dropped the trailer so we could go to a petrol station to blow it up.

They said 'no'! They lifted the prohibition when it was blown up, but only after it was done by a tyre firm.

Discretion no longer seems to be part of a DVSA man's daily job — there are some silly things going on these days. Name and address witheld on request

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