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In the Money

2nd May 1947, Page 29
2nd May 1947
Page 29
Page 29, 2nd May 1947 — In the Money
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Stewart and Ardent,. Ltd., is paying an interim dividend of 20 per cent, in respect of the year to September 30 next

Ford motor Co.. Ltd.. is payinft a bonus of 2tt2 per cent., in additon to a dividend of 71t2 per cent., for 1946, ocith less tax, Cellort, Ltd., reports a net trading profit in. 1946 of £28,839. A final dividend of 1214 per cent. is to be paid, making 2214 per cent. for the year.

Perfects' Motor Equipments, Ltd. reports a net profit of f10,195 itt he Ill Months to December 31, 1946, Reserve re, eives £2.500. A final dividend of 10 Oct cent, has been declared, making 25 per cent for the 18 months A balance of £13,120 is car.ied forward.

City of Oxford Motor Services. Ltd., worked at a net profit of £.82,651 in 1946. A sum of £29,389 UM placed to reserve. A final ordinary dividend of 5 per cent, is to be paid (8 err cent. for the year), with a bonus of 5 per cent., all tax free. A balance of £29,947 is carried forward.

E.N.V. Engineering Co., Ltd., vports a trading profit, including recovery of E.P.T., of £118,426, t plus interest of £3,709. Net profit was f84„003. Reserve receives £15,000, and a final ordinary dividend of 10 per cent, is to pe paid. Making 171/2 per cent, for the year, with a bonus cif 8% per cent, A .sitar of r35,711 is carried forward.

floffmang Manufacturing Co., Ltd., last. year made a Profit, before charging debenture interest, of £24,689, which was increased by recoveries of E.P.T., etc., to £164.689, In 1945 a loss of £32.092 was incurred, but £100.000 was transferred from income-lax reserve, showing a credit of £67.908. An ordinary dividend of 112 per cent. for 1946 is being paid.

Birmingham and Midland Motor Onmilms Co., Ltd., last year recorded a net balance of £358,538. Income totalled £1,616,414. whilst Road Fund licences and fuel tax absorbed £321,378, expenses 686.675, benefit funds and insurances £54,122, depreciation £120,613, deferred repairs £123,088,

and taxation £545,000. Ordinary shareholders receive dividends, including a 10 Per cent. bonus, of 30 per cent, for the year,


AN alternative to State ownership and proposals for partnership between the State and private enterprise are contained in the Conservative Party's statement of industrial policy, which is shortly to be published. The statement deals with long-term and short-term planning, and lays down general principles covering problems of wages and incentives, for the representation of workpeople in the management of industry, and the development of profit-sharing.


commercial-vehicle drivers, as well as private-ear drivers, to demonstration lessons of the type given in the training

of flying-squad drivers. The instructional trips given in police cars last about a quarter of an hour, and include hints on driving, care and maintenance of vehicles, and road-safety precautions.


QNLY one wall and a small office remained standing after a gale wrecked the garage. of the Moorfield Bus Co. at Harrogate Road, Yeadon, near Leeds, last week. A two-storey building used as a garage by Frank Brooke, Ltd., haulage contractor, Wakefield, was also almost totally destroyed.

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