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29th September 2011
Page 39
Page 39, 29th September 2011 — TAXI DRIVERS
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Harry Brown tries to be fair: “They have a job to do, but they sometimes cut corners a bit too much. I’ve been in taxis before and said to the driver: ‘Don’t you think you’re going a bit fast?’” Chris Wootton suggests they may be a bit too consistent. “They sit in the middle lane doing 50 on the motorway, then do 50 in the middle of the road around town.” Paul Everett takes a different tack. “They seem to think that putting your hazards on allows you to stop on double yellow lines, blocking the road, while they wait for someone to put six bags of shopping in the boot because they’re too lazy to walk 50 yards up the street to somewhere sensible. It’s fair enough when it’s some old dear who can barely walk, but not when it’s someone perfectly able-bodied.” Because you never see a lorry driver doing anything like that, do you? Ahem...

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