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Patents Completed.

27th May 1909, Page 20
27th May 1909
Page 20
Page 20, 27th May 1909 — Patents Completed.
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VALVES.—Stafford and Another.— No. 19,692, dated 19th September, 1908. —According to this invention the guide for the valve spindle is provided with a; screw-threaded portion on which is mounted a wing nut, against which the valve spring abuts. When it is required

to remove the valve the nut is screwed along the spindle guide so as to compress the spring and to relieve the valve spindle, thus facilitating its removal.

FILTER.—Clarkson and Another.— No. 17,262, dated 17th August, p08.— This filter is intended to be used for the removal of oil and grease from the water of condensation in steam engines. It consists of three filter chambers arranged side by side and having spaces between them. The filter chambers contain filtering material such as wood wool, shavings. or other material that will not readily consolidate. The water enters the lefthand filter chamber, by Means of a pipe that extends up to the top thereof, and it flows through this chamber to the space between it and the middle chamber where it rises and enters the next chamber through holes provided in the top thereof. After having passed through the second chamber it passes in a similar manner to a third or right-hand chamber, and from the bottom of this chamber it is drawn off by a syphon.

CARBITRETTER.--Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. —No. 22,475/08, dated under Convention 22nd October, 1907.—According to this invention the carburetting chamber is formed with a constricted portion, surrounding the fuel nozzle, that is oval in cross-section. Fitting the constricted portion of this chamber is a hollow cylindrical plug, the lower end of which is constricted and is also oval in cross-section. The constricted portion of the cylindrical plug co-operates with the constricted portion of the carburetting chamber to reduce or increase the area of the passage for the air past the fuel nozzle. Holes are formed in the upper portion of the plug which are adapted to communicate with the induction pipes of the engine or to he entirely covered by the casing ; thus the plug also performs the function of a throttle valve. The top of the casing is carried beyond the upper portion of the plug so that a space is formed which establishes equalised communication between both induction pipes.

LIFTINC. JACK.—Lake.—No. 8,336, dated 15th April, 1908.—This invention relates to lifting jacks, and it has particular reference to a device for permit, ing the supporting crutch to be readily adjusted to any height. The lifting member is provided with a rack which normally engages a pinion. On the spindle of the pinion is mounted a worm wheel which gears with a worm carried by a stub shaft. This stub shaft is provided with a key-way adapted to accommodate a winding handle. The spindle of the pinion and worm wheel is carried by curved slots formed in the casing, so. that, when the rack is lifted, the pinion, and worm wheel will ride up in this slot. until the pinion is free from the rack.

DRIVING GEAR. — Fowler and Another.—No. 8,640, dated 18th April. 1908.—This invention relates to gearing for the transmission of power from the crankshaft to the rear axle, its object being to allow free movement of the rear axle without disengagement of the gear. wheels. The gear wheel driven from the crankshaft is mounted on a fixed centre, and the road wheels are driven from this wheel through an intermediate wheel connected to it by crankpins. When the shaft of the intermediate wheel moves. relatively to the road wheels due to the action of the springs, the crankpins. turn; thus the connection between the gear wheel, driven by the crankshaft, and. the intermediate wheel is maintained.


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