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The Manchester Show.

27th February 1908
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Page 20, 27th February 1908 — The Manchester Show.
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Notwithstanding the fact that we were in a position to eal with practically the whole of the vehicle and tractor xhibits in the two pages which were devoted to this show 1st week, the last issue of this journal was in circulation efore the opening ceremony. Councillor Wal(work, of lanchester, occupied the chair, in the main hall at Belle 'ue, and his supporters included the whole of the directors f the Manchester and District Motor and Cycle Trades ssociation, Limited. Sir W. II. Bailey referred very mphaticallv to the predominance of commercial mr:tors, ad to their present and future effects upon the trade of le Manchester district, his remarks being appree'atively

ceived by a considerable attendance of visitors. A. dinner as subsequently held in the Belle Vtle I-ToteI, when variaus teresting speeches were made,

One Light Van.

Only a single complete van is on vi \V, this being an h.p. Forrest " from the works of Messrs. J. A. Wade and )mpanY, of Liverpool, the machine being designed for ;ht loads and quick parcel delivery. It is located in the am n hall, where it alone appeals to shopkeepers or other idesmen who are desirous to purchase something of the tite variety, all the heavier types of commercial motors ing conveniently staged in the adjoining minor hall.

An Imposing Array of Wag-ns.

No more representative collection of steam wagons has en got together in the Provinces on any previous occasion, turday last, as might have been expected, was remarkable ' the large number of drivers who came to look upon the

latest improvements in these types, and to lament that they were themselves in charge of older models, and that they were not in the happy position of having an example of this or that maker's latest hatch. Some of the makers had their special men available for the purpose of conversation with their mates, and many indeed were the discussions which one overheard in walking round the stands. The opinion was generally expressed, both on the part of owners and drivers, that there is little more to be done in the improvement of the steam wagon for five-ton loads or thereabouts, hut a great deal of fresh interest was aroused by the three-ton models of Alley and MacLellan, Foden, and Mann. The second-named of these, with its solid india-rubber tires by Shrewsbury and Challiner, is unquestionably the most observed of all, and we shall look forward to the account

which this I; ehide will give of itself, when it comes up to London for service with the Eastern Motor Wagon Company, to which concern it has been sold. The lettering upon the heavier of the " Sentinel " models indicates that it has been sold to the Wolfhill Spinning Co., Ltd., of Ligoniel, Belfast. Those of our readers who visit the show should take note of the neat manner in which the encasing of the transmission from the crankshaft to the countershaft has been arranged upon the Mann wagen.

The Largest Stand.

Leyland Motors, Limited, rakes the lead with three steam wagons, complete and ready for delivery to their purchasers, and one petrol chassis. The visitor's eye is arrested by the prominence of the sign which extends over the gangway between this company's two stands, and upon which its name is displayed in bold letters. More to the point, however, are the announcements upon the machines, these bearing testimony to the fact that they have numerous predecessors to their credit with their respective purchasers: (I) the eighth steam wagon of the series for Wilcockson Brothers, of Middleton Junction; (2) the fourth steam wagon of the series for Grenall, Whitley and Company, Limited, The Brewery, St. Helens; (3) the fourth steam wagon of the series for the White Star Line, Liverpool; and (4) the company's standard, 4oh.p., petrol chassis, with lengthened frame for furniture-removal purposes, to the order of Maple and Company, Limited, of London.

The attachment of the " Spurrier " patent non-skid, as illustrated on page 356, with its four, detachable, radial sections, and its eight rubber pads, is the object of much admiration and some criticism. Opinions vary as to whether it will be found desirable to increase the number of units, which is, of course, perfectly feasible, and as to the degree of care which a driver will have to exercise to keep away from any kerbstone. We would point out, however, that the company is able to give satisfactory references to prove that four members are more than sufficient, either in respect of travelling upon snow or upon ice-bound roads, and that, in the somewhat remote likelihood of violent contact with a kerbstone or other obstruction, the strength of the fittings should prove sufficient to bear the impact.

The Allchin wagon, with its encased side chains, stands out well in its position, and certainly looks capable of being put to the roughest and hardest of usage.

The Yorkshire wagon, which is the eighth to be supplied to C. T. Faulkner and Company, Limited, cartage and haulage contractors, of Manchester, and which will add vet one more to the very considerable number of wagons of this make which may be seen regularly in the Manchester streets, embodies the company's latest practice in the adaptation of an accessible vertical engine to a self-propelled wagon, combined with a single-chain drive to the live back axle. Messrs. Jarmain and Gillespie were more than fully occupied at all times when we happened to pass their way.

D. Stewart and Company (1902), Limbed, through its local agents, the Key Engineering Company, Limited, of 38, Deansgate, shows one of its standard, Stewart-Thornycroft, five-ton wagons, with locomotive-type boiler, the general design of which is well-known to our readerS.

The other stands which bear wagons of interest are those of Walker Brothers (Wigan), Limited, and Savage Brothers, Limited, of King's Lynn, whilst the exhibit of the Lowcock CoMmercial Motor Company, of Manchester, is specially noteworthy for a 3511,p., four-cylinder, five-ton " Berna " lorry, which has been in service for some nine months, and has covered a total distance of close upon 7,000 miles.

Renard Train.

The Renard Road, Rail and Transport Corporation, Limited, of S2, Victoria Street, S.W., rests content with the display of photographs and testimonials inside the building, but its composite train, which we illustrated in our last issue, performs a number of interesting evolutions outside.


The best example of this class of machine is the " Little Giant," on the stand of W. Tasker and Sons, Limited, of Andover. Mr. G. R. Sncdin is in attendance here, and all who prefer the merits of the independent engine for haulage purposes will do well to spend time in looking at this example, as Nvc11 as at those. from the works of Savage Brothers, Limited, of King's Lynn, and of Messrs. Richard Garrett and Sons, of Leiston, the last-named forming part of the Lowcodc Company's display.

A splendid collection of tires, inclusive of the well-known and ouraute " Giant '' and " World " qualities, is shown by the Shrewsbury and Challiner Tyre Company, Limited, of Kay Street, Xrdwick Green, Manchester, and we would remark that this company appears to be deservedly reaping the benefit of the consistent running which these tires yield in practice, whether for motorbuses or goods vehicles.

Lubricants of all classes are represented by the Gas Lighting Improvement Company, Limited (-Stand No. 29), Marshall and Company, Limited (Stand No. 28), and Moebius and Son (Stand NO. 67a). Lighting supplies, both tamps and illuminants, may be found, More specifically, upon the stands of the Gas Lighting Improvement Company, Limited (Stand No. 29), the Elephant Chemical Company (Stand No. 37), Worsnop and Company, Limited (Stand No. 44), and the County Chemical Company (Stand No. =,3). Another interesting exhibit is that of Fastnut, Limited (Stand No. 49), whilst Insurance is represented by the Car and General Insurance Corporation, Limited, whose local office is at 1, Princess Street, Manchester.


People: G. R. Sncdin

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