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Progress of the Proposed I.R.T.E.

26th May 1944, Page 28
26th May 1944
Page 28
Page 28, 26th May 1944 — Progress of the Proposed I.R.T.E.
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Every Effort is Beins Made to' Expedite the Formation of This Body

THE interest which is being taken in the proposed -.Institute of Road Transport Engineers reveals, in a striking manner,. the general wish that this body should be formed as quickly

. as possible and get into action.

The organizing committee • has already held two meetings, the second, which took place yesterday, being Corrcerned mainly with qualification for membership, and the selection of those —chiefly in provincial centres---who will be invited to join,the committee, which hits power to co optadditions up to a total of 25 meinbers. _ The committee also has in' view the , appointment of a part-time secretary, and , has provisionally selected• 'a man who is well known in the industry.; be attended yesterday's •meeting:

solicitor, well versed in association matters, has agreed to assist, in drawing up the memorandum and articles of association, whilst an option has' been secured on an office well. situated' in Westminster close to' the Houses Of yailiament. it will thus be, seen, that evetything possibleis being done' to expedite the' project.

We would warn potential 'members, however, that it may take some little time to obtain the charter from the . Board of Trade. In the meantime, the position will be strengthened even' further if all those desiring to join will forward their names to The Editor of this journal. :Each should state his exact position and the number of vehicles' with which his work 'is connected, The latter, of course, does not apply to affiliates, who will be those engaged 'with manufacturing and other interests,' and who will be joining because of the value they hope to derive from , the meetings and their contacts with transport engineers. Application forms will ultimately be sent to all who write, so soon as the Institute is formed or has received official sanction.

Since the luncheon-conference, many further letters of approval have been received from widely divergent places and interests. One says: " Hearty congratulations on the really splendid work performed in setting 'upthis new body." The writer kindly " How you manage to find time to do it all with your other heavy work I do slot know. I wonder if you have to give tip some hours of well-earned sleep."

A railway executive says: " I thank and congratulate you on the founding of what will, in my opinion, be the most progressive body ever set up in the road-transport industry. You, together with Captain J. B. Walton, win, in the years to come, talin the credit of, being, the founders of a body second to noneto deal With the practical side of road transport."

A writer from Leicester says: ." Just to congratulate you on the extraordinary success of the inaugural meeting of the proposed Institute. It was a marvellous effort, . . The company I represent is more than usually interested, as it often has' to act 'as a buffer between the manufacturer and -the operator." .

From Glasgow comes the following: "Judged by the enthusiasm and u-ellconsidered opinion put forward, there is no doubt that very little can stand in the way of the Institute's formation and success. I think, however, it should be made quite clear that one of the objects is not destructive criticism of the manufacturers, but constructive co-operation. This will probably be cleared up by the committee, which, am glad to see, represents some of the best brains in the road-transport main.' tenance field. I found the long journey not -in vain, as it enabled me to meet many of my opposite numbers from different parts of the country."

A well-known vehicle manufacturer states that it is 30 years since he coinMenced the design of his first vehicle, and as a result of that reasonably long experience in the commetoial-vehicle industry, he appreciates what a useful function the Institute can perform.


People: J. B. Walton
Locations: Glasgow, Leicester

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