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Conference of Road Transport Groups Makes Plans

26th May 1944, Page 19
26th May 1944
Page 19
Page 19, 26th May 1944 — Conference of Road Transport Groups Makes Plans
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THE movement to form a combina tion of groups of road-transport operators gained considerable impetus last 'week, when a second meeting of those concerned was held in London. Means for encouraging the formation of groups and assisting those who were 'forming them were discussed at length, and a principal conclusion was that the co-operation of the Press should be invoked, also encouragement by the Minister of War Transport,

It was disclosed that 17 large groups of hauliers are taking an interest in the project; -II of them were represented at the meeting.

Mr, F. Rudman, of Rochdale, was elected to the chair, whilst Mr. P. S. Woodhouse, secretary, South-eastern Area, A.R.O., became secretary pro tern, of the organization which, it was decided, should be named The National Conference of Road Transport Groups.

Attention was given to the prinE-iples which should be kept in mind by those forming local groups—that they should

" " was taken for granted. Goodwill was placed first and .mutual co-operation next. A non-vehicle owner should be given the executive position of manager of the group, being guided in his actions by a management 'committee elected by the group.

Whenever practicable one man should be able to speak for the group, as may be necessary in negotiating Large con tracts. Rates arid conditions should be uniformly agreed amongst members of each group, with consultation on rates for new traffic. Commissions charged by the group to members, on account of traffic handed over, should be kept as low as possible. Commis sions charged against non-members should be higher than this minimum, but must not be excessive. .

Individual operators in groups are recommended to indicate, on their stationery, that they are members.

All members of every group must be holders of A or B licences. Group representation, i.n any negotiations, must be by a fully accredited individual, i.e., he must be either a haulier or a manager of a group.

The steps to be taken to .encourage the formaltion of groups, and to enlarge the sphere Of influence of the Conference, were then discussed.. Besides that of publicity, each group was recommended to encourage and give practical assistance in the formation of

other groups. In this ecnnection it was emphasized that the guiding principleof group formation was the protection and preservation of the small haulier in his forthcoming fight for existence against the encroachment of • combine concerns. Inter-group working, the interchange of traffics, assist

■ 131Ce in case of breakdowns, the finding of return loads, etc., wererecommended.

The secretary was instructed to collect, by means of a. questionnaire, information as to the number 'of members M a group, the address and telephone numbers of each, the vehicle strength, . repair facilities, and accommodation for vehicles and drivers, as well as -to compile and keep up. to date a, guide hook to groups. .

Representatives of groups present at the meeting came from London, Carlisle, -Nottingham, Sheffield, Bolton,. Rochdale, Biggleswade, Kent, Aldershet, Deeby and Birmingham.

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