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26th May 1931, Page 67
26th May 1931
Page 67
Page 67, 26th May 1931 — Novelty in
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1N recent years the cellulose process of finishing a vehicle .1ms Made great progress ; the durability of the body 'coatings, when so treated, has proved to be of definite value in that it reduces coachwork maintenance charges and en' sures a lasting good appearance which

means useful publicity. A difficulty which has been experienced has been the need for subsequent application of lettering and decorative effects in ordinary paint and varnish. When this scheme is adopted the groundwork wears well, but the lettering becomes ' shabby and finally rubs off. In addition the Varnish is apt to tone down the brightness of the underlying paint.

We recently inspected a Morris van which had been cellulosed throughout by Spraysine, Ltd., Spraysine Works, Gander Green Lane, Sutton By-pass, Surrey. All the lettering and decorative effects had been sprayed on; the appearance was good, the edges of the letters being clean cut and their sharpness was enhanced by .being outlined by the main colour coats which were applied afterwards—dark blue fading into light blue.

The advantages of the patented system are a reduction of time taken, increased durability, improved appearance, immunity from tar or mud stains, and the immediate availability of 'the vehicle—there being no hardening period required as with varnish.

Designs and trade marks of all kinds can be executed by this method, there being few limitations. The labour cost is lower than when paint and varnish are employed, but the material cost is -somewhat higher.

This process is also applicable to all classes of decorative work, such as shop

fronts or interior treatment of cars, etc. The depresged lettering gives an unusual and striking effect; occasional washing keeps the vehicle smart but' does hot abrade the lettering as it would in the case of paint and varnish. Multi-colour schemes can be faithfully carried out and " shot " effects and " fade-outs" can easily be arranged, as seen in the above illustration.


Locations: Surrey

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