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Fares to Rise in Scotland and West ?

26th February 1954
Page 33
Page 33, 26th February 1954 — Fares to Rise in Scotland and West ?
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CEVENTY SEVEN services are DJ affected by proposals for higher fares which Highland Omnibuses, Ltd.. Inverness, have submitted to .1 he Scottish Licensing Authority. If approved, 3;c1I. to 9d. single fares will be increased by -id. on 52 services, 93d. to Is. 6d. by Id., and thereafter by 2d. Return fares on the same services will be increased as follows: up to Is. 3d. by Id., is. 4d. to 2s. 6d. by 2d., and thereafter by 3d. On 10 services 3d. will be added to 2W. single fares, and thereafter the increases will correspond with those given in the previous paragraph. All fares on 15 other Services will be raised by (.1. Western National Omnibus Co., Ltd., and Southern National Omnibus Co.. Ltd., have submitted the following proposals to the Western Licensing Authority: That the multiplier applied to the adult single fare on fiveand sixday limited-journey tickets be increased from seven to eight and from eight to nine, respectively; season tickets to be increased by 15 per cent. (fractions of 3d. to count as 3d.), and that all return fares below Is. be abolished.


ONE of the municipal undertakings that will be affected by the Transport Charges (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, which was introduced in the House of Commons last week, is Glasgow, which still has a large fleet of trams. Commenting on the Bill, CtIr. R. McAllister, convener of the transport committee, said that the existing procedure had worked well. When the department's financial position was serious last year it was able to increase tram and trolleybus fares in a matter of weeks. He pointed dirt that the corporation members acted as a safeguard against excessive increases. He could see no reason for changing the system. [Our legal adviser explains the provisions of the Bill on page 102.]


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