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For Lifting Ford Valve Springs.

26th December 1922
Page 23
Page 23, 26th December 1922 — For Lifting Ford Valve Springs.
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A new tool for lifting valve springs on Ford engines has recently been introduced by Herbert Terry and Sons, Ltd., of Redditch, who point out that it is also suitable for other engines of similar dimensions with detachable heads.

The tool is made of two parts, hinged at a suitable point. The bridge portion of the tool crosses the valve head and drops over the edge of the cylinder. The forked end of the lever, being placed under the Valve spring washer and lifted by a slight pressure at the other end of the lever, enables the spring to be compressed, when the cotter pin can easily be removed.

In handling the tool it has been found advantageous to insert the -fingers of the left hand behind the valve spring, so as to steady the ends of the lifting fork in position on each side of the valve stem.

This little tool reduces valve removal to extreme simplicity. Eight Ford valves have been taken down in is than 2 minsi. by one Man Using it. it is priced at Is. fid., and, as with every appliance made by Terry's, it is well made and does its works in a highly efficient manner, and without the slightest risk of the fork ends slipping or of the bridge portion scoring the cylinder wall.

Herbert Terry and Sons, Ltd., issue a pamphlet covering aids towards Ford efficiency and silent running. Besides the valve lifter, which is described in the circular, there is is patent cable brake sot. with brake spring release; which is claimed to give an improved 'braking effect on both wheels and to be an advance upon the rod system usually employed. A set of six spanners to fit every nut, on a Ford chassis is marketed. They are made of -L.-in. • high-grade steel, carefully hardened and tempered. A set of springs is offered for silencing steering rods and starting handles, etc. Other items for Ford chassis are Terry's brake band, their "sear)" valve springs, their Bendix springs for electric starter, their automatic air valve, a whole range of springs and the Ford box of assorted necessities.


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