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Sutherlands Buy 55 More Vehicles

25th November 1955
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Page 58, 25th November 1955 — Sutherlands Buy 55 More Vehicles
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Big Scottish Hauliers Now Have 135 Vehicles : First List 13 Purchasers Named

AFURTHER 55 vehicles, five of them articulated (2041 tons), and 11 trailers have been added to the substantial fleet—already numbering some 80 lorries—on special A licences run by Sutherlands of Peterhead (Road Hauliars), Ltd., Peterhead.

Of this latest purchase, 30 vehicles, including, the articulated outfits and nine trailers, are based at Inverness, 12 lorries • and • two trailers at Conon Bridge, 12 • lorries. at Edinburgh, and one at Ullapool. .

Among other purchasers of lorries from British Road Services listed below is a number of successful tendcrers for list 13 units. SCOTLAND

Three more lorries (7:1" tons) have been taken over by James Rice and Co.' Ltd., Glasgow. They were transferred by Central Garage (Bathgate), Ltd., Baffigate.

Garrallan •Haulage, Ltd., Edinburgh, have had a lorry (51 tons) made over to them by Mr. Thomas Mullen, Polbeth; John Hunter and Sons (Transport), Ltd., Airdrie, one (41 tons), William Griffith (Whitburn), Ltd., Armadale, One (41 tons), and Mr. G. C. Macksay, Milton of Campsic, one (41 tons), all , by Mr. George Stringfellow, Glasgow; Mr. J. W. Johnstone, Kirkpatrick, Fleming, one, (3 tons) by Northern (Allied) Transport and Trading Co., Penrith; E. Ferguson (Transport), Ltd.. Ayr, one (41 tons) by D. McKinnon (Transport), Ltd., Kilmarnock; and Mr. David Ferries, Newton Stewart, one (3 tons), and NKr. James Kirk. Daliantrae, an articulated outfit (31 tons), both by Mr. T. J. Richardson; Oldbury.

NORTHERN AREA Messrs. W. Walker and Son, Elizabeth Street, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, have made a first purchase of a lorry weighing 4 tons 16 cwt. unladen.

Messrs. Athersmith Bros., Abbey Road Garage, Barrow-in-Furness, have taken over ,from Mr. R. Heath, 3 Westfield Grove, Wakefield, a lorry (5 tons), and from F. Wardell (Haulage), Ltd., Lyrrim, near Warrington, a trailer (1 ton 18 cwt.). Messrs ." Athersmith • have sold a' lorry (21 tons) to Mr. K. Miller, Goatsmere Avenue, Withaell.' • • • A lorry (2 tons 19 cwt.) has been assigned to Messrs. IL and T. Haulage, 2 Council Houses..Stainton, Pcnrith, by Mr. B. Mandale, The Garage, Greystoke, Penrith, NORTH-WEST A lorry (3 tons), based in Northwich, taken over from J. Lynch and Sons (Transport), Ltd., 27 Leicester Street, Northwich, by Comberhill Motors, Ltd., Olympia Garage, logs Road. Wakefield, has now been transferred to Messrs. N.O.P. Haulage, 106 Halton Road, Runcoi n.

Another re-assignment is that of a lorry (3 tons) to Mr. J. L. Ingham, 78 Gregson Lane. Heighton, near Preston, by Mr. P. Goring, Walker Street Motors, Preston. It was originally held by Mr. F. P. Inman, North Lonsdale Road Garage, Ulverston.

The North Western Licensing Authority has also authorized the transfer of a lorry (61 tons) to Messrs. Calvert Bros.. Maleking House, Brock, near Garstang, by Mr. E. Waters, Monlcseaton; one (61 tons) to Messrs. S. Lawrence and Sons. Station Road, Hope Village, near Wrexham, by Messrs. D. and A. Woods, Newton-leWillows: one (41 tons) to Mr. C. A. Todd. 16 Wesley Street, Liverpool, 22, by Ciiiek (Oldham), Ltd., Thornton Street North, Manchester, 9: one (31 tons) to Mr. A. James, of the West Midland Traffic Area, by Bassetts Roadways, Ltd., Liverpool: B24 • and one (3 tons) to Mr. W. Mackin, 343a Stretford Road, Manchester, 15, by Cleaves Transport (Audlem), Ltd., Audlem.

Cleaves Transport have also transferred two lorries (14I tons), and Mr. L. Gleave, of the same address, two (151 tons), to Wild Condon, Ltd., Leek Road, Hanky. Mr. Gleave has also assigned a lorry (41 tons) to J. Hart and Sons, Ltd., Woodhouse Garage, Biddulph.

Messrs. Calvert Bros., have, in turn, sold a lorry (4'1 tons) to Mr. H. A. Ind, in the Northern Traffic Area.

YORKSHIRE Mr. W. Storey, Portare, Ackworth. has bought and resold six more vehicles. Four of them have gone to Ackworth Transport Co., Ltd., 92 Wakefield Road, Ackworth: one to Mr. 1. S. Whitlam, 50 "High Street, &otter, near Gainsborough; and one to Harrisons of Dewsbury, Ltd., Bradford Road, Dewsbury.

Ackworth Transport have in turn, made over a lorry to each of the following: Mr. J. B. Middleton, Morrend Cottage, Calver. near Sheffield; Mr, E. Newsome, Wynwood, Briar Lane, Havercroft, near Wakefield; and B. and A. Pacey (Wakefield), Ltd., Wakefield.

Messrs. Leaner Bros., Adamson Farm, Skipworth, have taken over a lorry from Messrs. A. B. Wilkinson and Son, Thorganby, York; Barber Road Services, Ltd., 33 Laird Avenue, Sheffield, 6, one, from Mr. J. J. Shepherd, 73 Kendall Road, Sheffield, 6; Sharp and Griffiths, Ltd., Hollins Hill 'Garage. Baitdon, two, from Myers (Commereials), Ltd., Olympia Buildings, Thornton Road, Bradford; and Hansons Haulage, Ltd., 31 St. John's Road, Huddersfield, a trailer. from Yardley Transport, Ltd., Spa Buildings, Leeds, 7.

A lorry has been taken over by Thorgumbold Garages, Ltd., 9 Humber Street, Hull, in a first purchase. Repeat purchasers arc Messrs. S. E. Fearn and Son, High Street, Dodworth, Barnsley. who have bought another one.

Other assignments are: a lorry to Calder Valley Transport Co.. Ltd., Royal Works, Hebden Bridge, by Walton and Helliwell, Ltd,, 9 Harrison Road, Halifax; one, to Mr. Wm. Cooper, Norton Road, Wath-onMarne, by Hacketts Haulage, Ltd.. 229 Cross Lane. Salford; one, to Mr. W. A. C. Pearson, 524 Rooley Lane, Bradford, by R. and E. Marston (Otley). Ltd., North Street, ()Vey; one, to Mr. II. R. Driffill, Belmont Gardens, Cliff-cum-Lund, Selby, by Mr. J. Marshall. Pear Tree Farm, Barwick-in-Elmet: and one, to Cutts and Fletcher. Ltd., 21 Sale Street, Hoyland Common. near Barnsley, by Ntr. L. H. Mills, 13 Daniel Terrace, Sheffield.

Direct purchasers are Mr. W. Warrington. Junr.. 15 Ryegate Road, Sheffield, 10, who has bought one; Wm. Clarkson and Sons (Leeds), Ltd., 120 Commercial Road, Leeds, 5, two; Mr. J. Firth, 59 Garden City, Stocksbridge. near Sheffield, one; and Transport Operators (Yorkshire), •Ltd.. 62 Tadeaster Road, Dringhouses. an articulated vehicle.


Four lorries (121 tons) have been taken over by R. Davis (Midland Transport). Ltd., 11 St. Mark's Road', Smethwiek, in a first purchase.

A repeat purchase, this time involving two lorries (51 tons), has been made by Starr Shipping and Storage Co., Ltd., Prosser Street, Bilston. Wild Condon. Ltd., 32 Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent, have had two lorries 1141 tons) made over to them by Gleave Transport (Audlem), Ltd., Gobowen, near Oswestry. Gleave Transport have also transferred a lorry (7 tons) to Mr. H. A. Mathewman, Blackpool. Messrs. Barker and Shenton, New Garage. Cheekley, near. Tean, have sold two lorries, one of them (31 tons) going to Mr. G. D. Allen, Sunny Brae, Checkley, near Tean, and the other (31 tons) to Messrs. R. and 0. Jones, Sandbach.

Other assignments authorized by the West Midland Licensing Authority are: Lockyer's Transport, Ltd., 41 Howsea Road, Malvern Link, a lorry (31 tons) to Messrs. W. A. and E. W. Clarke and Son, Yew Tree, Pontshia, Ross-on-Wye; Mr. E. Waters, Whitley Bay, one (3 tons) to Mr. S. Critchlow, Medlin's Farm, Lane End, Mow Cop, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr. D. T. Wilkins, 407 Chester Road, Aldridge, one (3 tons) to Wilkins' Transport, Ltd., of the same address; and Messrs. Express Motor Carriers, 4 Smithfield Street, Oswestry, one (51 tons) to Express Motor Carriers (Oswestry), Ltd., of the same address.


Three Morris-Commercial 10-ton articulated vehicles based at Littleraore (unit 8015) have been acquired by A. E. Booty (Transport), Ltd., 15-19 "Edgeway Road, New Marston, Oxford. They have also taken over from the same depot. a• cartransporter vehicle, which has been added to the car-carriage side' of the business. 1 he company. whose car-transporters arc used mainly by the Nuffield Organization for export deliveries, are now also being employed by Morris distributors. for delivering cars for the home market.

A fleet of 19 vehicles, comprising 6-7touters and 10-tort articulated outfits, is now operated, and the ccimpany run a daily service from Oxford to Birmingham and LoridOn.

According to the current issue of Applications and Decisions for the West Midland Traffic area, two of the articulated outfits (11 tons 13 cwt.) operated by A. E. Booty (Transport) came from Mr. R. It. Coombes, Bookers Barn, Chipping Norton, and another (5 tons 12 cwt.) from S. Ball and Son (Transport), Ltd., Chipping Sodbury.

Another repeat purchaser is Mr. Harry Brown, 44-45 .St. Andrew's Road, Northampton. He has successfully tendered for list 13 unit 9530 (Northampton), comprising a drop-sided lorry weighing 3 tons unladen:

Mr. F.-"C. Billings, 26 Greenland Avenue, Derby, has also acquired a unit offered in list 13. Based at Burton-on-Trent (9534), it consisted of a platform lorry (3 tons).

A small van bought by Alma Cartledge, I3rook Farm, Olga Road, Nottingham. has been transferred to Messrs:. Briars Bros:, 9 Cheapside, Shepshed, Leics. • Mansfield Haulage, Ltd„ Stacey Road Garage, Mansfield, have taken over another three lorries. Two of these (6 tons) came from Mr. V. j. Grange, 124 Bridge Street. Peterborough, and the other (7 tons / cwt.) from Haeketts Haulage, Ltd., 229 Cross Lane, Salford, 5.

Two other vehicles have, in turn, been transferred by Mansfiel.d Haulage, one, of them (3 tons) going to G. H. Longmore, Ltd., Markham Road, Chesterfield, and the other (7 tons 12 ewt.) to C. L. Metcalfe, Ltd.. Cottingham.

' Other operators who have purchased lorries from Mr. Grange are: Q. and C. Johnson (Claxhy), Ltd., Jessamine House, North Kelsey. one (41 tons); Mr. C. A. Muneaster, Rougbton, Woodhall Spa. one (3 tons): and Mr. E. W. Palmer, 53 TawneyRead, Boston. one (3 tons).

Mr. J. Brindley, The Close, Shamford, has bought and assigned more lorries. One (2 tons 16 cwt.) was sold to him by Messrs.

Wright and Son, in the South Eastern Traffic Area, and two (7 tons 13 cwt.) and , a trailer (2 tons 3 cwt.) by Murphy Bros., Ltd., Melton Road, Thurrnaston, Leicester.

Two of the lorries (7 tons 13 cwt.) have. now been made over to T. Slawson, Ltd., . 45 Gleneagles Avenue, Leicester.

Murphy Bros.. Ltd., Melton Road, Syston, have sold, another lorry (4 tons 19 cwt.) to a first purchaser, Mr. J. J. Casey, 91 Abbey Road, Bourne. B. Keetch (Hauliers). Ltd., 49 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, have acquired another two lorries (8 tons), this time from Mr. A. Rhodes, 261 Carlton Road, Nottingham, who has also sold two lorries (6 tons) to Mr. G. W. Reeve, 13ardney, Lincoln. and one (2 tons 8 cwt.) to Messrs. Orchard Storage and Distribution Services,. 6 James Street, Kimberley.

Messrs. W. Staniland and Sons, Mill. House, Broughton, Br-mg. have sold a, lorry • (2 tons 12 cwt.) to Flowerdown Road Haulage Co., in the Yorkshire Traffic Area. _

EASTERN COUNTIES Tenders for four units in list .13, sub

mitted by the PeterboroUgh Engirieering Co.. 44 Eye Road, Newark, Peterborough; have been successful. Two of :the units,based at Peterborough (9432) and Whittlesey,(8345),,, comprised a total of •

, two lorries (9a tains). The other two units, of which the numbers are not known, were

a. at Northampton lorry-7,1 Anna) and . • Stakeson-Trent (one--a41 tons). • a Messrs. .1.• S. Briggs and Son, Bridge Garaaa. lhorney, Peterborough; and Mr. F. Taylor. Balls,, -West -Row, •Bury St. Edmunds, have :each acquired two. list 13 _ units.. Messrs. Briggs have bought Barron-onsTrent unit 9577, comprising a rIftry (4 (Otis).. and Derby unit 9579, a • lorry (5 tons). Mr. -Balls' purchases, both based at Cambridge (units 8719 and.943.0); comprise a totalof two vehicles :(6 tons). lalessia. Briggs have transferred a lorry (a tons), takeri over in an carlierpnrchise, -a to Messrs. V. and A. Towler, in the East

• Midland Traffic Area • Read of Peterborough, Ltd.: Stone Lane, Peterborough, have transferred a. lorry (3 tons) to Mr. K. Thomas. Wisbech Fen. (iityhirn. and an articulated outfit (5 tons) zo Mr. J. E. Allen, in the East Midland Dottie Area.

Iwo lorries, each weighing 3 tons unladen, bought by Mr: R. J. Ashling, 277 Easitleld Road, Peterborough, have been divided between Mr. A. H. Saunders, Boonpton House. Larghom's Lurie, Outwell, and Mr. R. E. Hemmaway, Soke Road. Newborough.

The Eastern Licensing Authority has also arithorifed the assignment of a lorry (3 tonal to Messrs. T. G. Knighton and R. Carrington. 6 Crescent Close. Whittlesey. by Mr. 0. H. D. Bolam, in the East Midland Traffic Area; one (3 tons) to Mr. J. King. Fox 'Inn. Finchingfield, by Tharnesrnouth Transport, Ltd., Great Tarpots; one (3 tons) to Messrs. J. and E. 'Hatcher and Son, 26 North Parade. Holbeach, by Mr. T. H. Brown, Brigsley Road, Waltham, near Grimsby; one (3 tons) to Mr. F. J. Cracknell, The Mill, Bedingfield, by Murphy Bros.. Ltd., Svston, Leicester; and a trailer (21 tons) to Eye Haulage Co.. Ltd_ Bell House Garage, Eye, by 0. Ca Barnard and Sons, Ltd.. Stowmarket.

Special A licences have beers granted to Mr. C. F. Harrison. The Bridge, Surfleet, for another lorry (34 tons), and to Mr. E. L. Taylor, Spring Cottage. Ailsworth, for an articulated outfit (41 tons).


Another join based in Bristol has been sold by Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., Thornton Street North, Manchester, 9. Weighing Ft tons unladen. it has gone to Hill's Transport (Dinai; Powis); Ltd., New House, Dines Powis.

Mr. F. K. Dunkerley, Frame House, Chipping Sodburv, has taken over a lorry (7 tons) from Newport Motor Transport Co., East Usk Road, Newport.

Mr. W. J. Thomas, 137 Manor Way,

New Transport Companies

Robert Armstrong (Bus Proprietor),.Ltd. Cap. 11,000. Dirs.•. Robert Armstrong and Mildred Armstrong. 66 Boffice Road, NeWCUlle upon Tyne. Sec.: Nicholas Widdington. 'Reg. 'office: Netvgatc Skeet; Newcastle upon Tyne.

Welsh Transport Services (Penarth). Ltd. Cap.

£6,000. Dirs.: James I. Davies and Betty D. Davies. Courtlands. Bridgman Road, Penarth. Glam. See.: Betty D. Davies. Reg. office: 22 Dumfries Place, Cardiff. .

L. Warwick Elvins, Ltd. Cap. £100. Dim.: Lawrence W. Elvins. 43 Brailsford Road. London, S.W.2. Stanley W. G. Flvins, 106 Albert Avenue, Cheam, Surrey, and Mildred F. Elvins. Reg. officc:.43 Brailsford Road, London. S.W.2.

Joseph Jackson and Sons (Sheffield), Ltd. Cap. 15,000. Dirs.: Mrs. Ada Jackson, 18 Stafford Street, Sheffield. Erie Jackson, 7 Haigh Moor Road. Sheffield, Arthar Jackson and Walter Jackson.

Mackenzie coathea. Ltd. Cats. £1,000. Dilis.i R. Deane and J. W. Deane, 28 Norfolk Avenue. Slough, and R. Walker, 17 Burlington Avenue.

'Slough. Sec.: R. Vv'alker, Reg.. office:. 30 Mackenzie Street, Slough. .

Argbsy. 'Transport, Ltd, Cap. £1,000. Dirs.: Mansell David, 1 Fenton Place; PantycYmmer.

• Clam, and W. J. Bowen. 213 Corbets ley Road. Upmenster, Essex. .See.: Irene' Bowen. RCR. office: 507 Gala Street, Dagenham, Essex..

Whitchurch, Cardiff, has acquired another

ex-B.R.S. lorry (31 tons), , • .•Two special A licences have been revoked on the transfer of• the vehicles concerned to ,ordinarY A licences. They were held by Ma B. Bevan, 45 Somerset Street.

'Brynmati(r lorry-21 tons), and Messrs. H. Morgan. and Son, 12 Ash Street, Csvm, Ebbw Vale (one-21 tons). '


First purchasers arc Amesbury -Trans-port, Ltd.,' London Road, Amesbury, who , have bought two lorries (5' tons 19 ea/al:. Mr. C. Bowden, Stickle Path, OkebaniptOn, one (3 tons); and Messrs. C. R., J. E. and R. C. Syms, 130 London Road.Caine, 'one. (3 tons 4 cwt.) assigned by S. Balt and Son (Transport), Ltd., Chipping Sodbury. H.J.T. Transport, Ltd., 47 e ourtenay Street, Newton Abbot, have made a 'repeat acquisition of a vehicle (3 tons' 11 'csvt.), and Mr. G. Read, Cuckoo Patch, Mitchel. dean, one (1 Lon).

SOUTHERN AREA Habin Haulage, Ltd., 10 Wilton Street, Southampton, have had three lorries (81 tons) assigned to them by Mr. G. W. Sparshatt, The Causeway, Redbridge. Southampton. E. H. Smith and Son (Gosport), Ltd., North Street, Gosport, have bought a lorry (31 tons) and a trailer (21 tons); Messrs. Candys Transport. Salisbury. Road, Fordingbridge, a lorry (21 tons); Hulks Transport. Ltd., 1 Saxon Road, Faversham, • one ions); and Mr. E. Lawrence. Berri° Bridge, North Hill. Launceston, one (7i tons) assigned by Cusick (Oldham), Ltd.. Cronbrook Road, Parkstone, Dorset.

LONDON AND HOME COUNTIES Tittcrall's Transport (London), Ltd.. 504 Silwood Street, London, S.E.16. have bought another three lorries (7 tons 9 cwt.). Other repeat purchasers are: Messrs. Thornetts Depository, 79 Craven Park Road, London, N.W.10. who have bought one (1 ton 1 cwt.); Mr. W. G. Spendlow, • 124 Vicarage Road, London, E.10, two (41 tons); Mr. W. R. Wearing, 49 Raydean Road, Barnet, two (7 tons 17 cwt.); Mr. S. Gilliam, The Paddock, Bakers Lane; Lon-don, W.5, one (3 tons); Mr. R. Hilton, 138 Vauxhall Walk, London, S.E.11, one (3 tons): Michael Jefferies (Transport), Ltd.; 59a London Wall, London, E.C.2, six (15 tons 3 cwt.) and five trailers; M.A.P. Trading and Transport Co., Ltd., 1-3 St. Paul's Churchyard, London, E.C.4, three (91 tons); Messrs. W. and K. McKinnon, Junrs., Campbell Road, Twickenham, three (7 tons 13 cwt.); 13. L. Macmillan, Ltd., Korna Khoti, Windsor Lane, Burnham, two (3 tons 2 cwt.); C. T. 011ey and Sons (Erith), Ltd., The Nursery, Slade Green Road, Erith, one (5 tons 9 cwt.) and a trailer; and Mr. J. H. Moore, 65 Oswald Road, Southall, two (3 tons 4 cwL) and a trailer. One of the lorries (1 ton 17 cwt.) bought by B. L. Macmillan, came from Wescol (Bradford), Ltd., County Garage, Trinity

Lane, Ripon, who have taken over 16 .-lorries (23 tons 14 cwt.), based at Hounslow. It is understood that Wescol are to assign all of these, but so far only the • following transfers, as well as that to B. L. Macmillian, have been revealed: Two -vehicles (3 tons) to Messrs. L. W. and P. C. Kelly, 31 Stoke Road, Guildford; . one (2) tons) to Mr. S. Kaye, 1 Downs

, Road, London, E.5; and one (2 tons) to • Mr: J. M. Moore, 26 Queensrnill Road, London, S.W.6.

, Newington Butts unit 8101, whieh was offered for sale in list 12, has gone, to Mr. Moore. It comprised a van (1 tons).

C. Bristow, Ltd., 123 Solebay Street, London, E.3, have added another 16 lorries (42 tons 8 cwt.) to their fleet. They were transferred by Mr. T. Regan, Chun Farm, Horsinonden.

Two -Of 'three vehiclea (7 tons 17 cwt.) -bought by Mr. A. T.-Paine; 28-Hume; • Street, London, N;1, have, been divided between Mr, A. G. Knapp, one. (2 tons 18 cwt.) and Messrs. A. S. and A Ca Knapp, one (21 tons), both of 36 Bibfield'

Street, London. N.1.Mr. A. J.. Marna, 50 Southehurch Road, London, E.6. has bought seven lorries (24 tons4 cwt) in a first purchase. Two' of these (6 tons 12 cwt.) have been re-sold to Mr. G. Malyon, 70 Chargeable Street, London, E.16, and one (31 tons) to Mr. K. J. Matyon, 45 Chargeable Street, London, E.16.

Special A licences for a further three lorries (10 tons) have been granted by the South Eastern Licensing Authority to Brown Bros. (Sittingboume), Ltd., Chalkwell Road, Sittingboume. Other Sittingboume purchasers are Messrs. A. and R.. J. Wood, Brathay Lodge, Highsted. Sittingbourne who have bought another three lorries (9 tons). and Mr. W. Etvy, Aspley House, London Road, Sittingboume, one (3 tons). Mr. Elvv's purchase was made over to him by W. H. Gatward. Ltd., 14-17 Sandling Road, Maidstone, who are left with another lorry, also weighing 3 tons unladen.

Messrs. G. Wright and Son. 30a Church Street, Tovit, Maidstone,. have purchased a, lorry (3 tons).


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