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25th March 1924, Page 19
25th March 1924
Page 19
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Page 19, 25th March 1924 — A LUXURIOUS CARAVAN FOR HIRE WORK.
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A Vehicle Intended to be Let Out on Hire to Parties, who will be Independent of Hotels—an Ideal Vehicle for Touring in Sparsely Populated Countries.

B[ALT SPECIALLY to the order of Mr. John Pye, a Cheshire bus proprietor, and mounted on an Albion 30 cwt. chassis, a saloon caravan recently completed by Eccles Motor Transport, Ltd., should -go a long way towards popularizing this form

of transport. , The boldness of the idealies in the facts that (1)

Mr. Pye intends to let this caravan out on hire, thus showing his appreciation of the probability that the people to whom the caravan touch is likely to appeal are not all of them in a position (or, maybe, willing) to own such a vehicle-and to keep it for their exclusive use, and (2) that he considers there are enough people with a• liking for caravanning for whom to eater.

The body, . which is costing .E450 complete with all the necessary equipment and utensils, weighs well under 30 ewt., and is built of ash framing covered with sheet metal, finished grey, lined with white and completed by domed black wings. The pleasant appearance of the saloon is due to its bulbous back and sides, excellent all round lighting and handsome finish. All the windows drop open, being equipped with h h rotary lifts and glass panes working in channels, whilst the

saloon roof is equipped with ventilators. The driving compartment, which communicates direct with the living room and is only partly separated from it by the back • of the driver's seat,is provided with a near-side entrance, two side windows and a wide windscreen, the top panel of which is adjustable. useful accommodation' for five tins of petrol, water and oil is found in capacious lockers at the rear and under the side valances, the storage boxes at the rear and sides being also used for carrying potatoes and other vegetables. The C.A.V. lighting system is very complete, live lamps being available on the exterior of the body with four The interior is finished in polished oa.R, the seats -he i n g upholstered in, brown velvet cord, which harrrion izes • well with the oak, whilst the brown easement cloth curtains round th3 frameless windows also add an air of luxury and refinement, and soften the lines of the interior.

The equipment consistsof a cabinet with a lift-up lid, which discloses a washbasin with the usual outlet. Below this are the cooking and table Utensils, whilst adjoining it, on the same side of the body, is a two-burner paraffin cooker,

in a compartment suitably


lined so as effectively to protect the sides of the body and the adjoining furniture Fain the heat of the cooker. Next to the cooker is a four-drawer oak chest, whilst beyond it is found a folding table. On this side is a four-valve wireless cabinet, an indoor aerial being built into the roof of the saloon and thereby being practically Cullcea,Ied from view.

Across the back of the interior is a comfortable sofa, which can be opened up forward so As to form a . double bed. On the near side is a folding table, and. beyond' it is a side seat which pulls down. arid forrns a second deuble bed, so•that. altdge,ther four people can sleep in the saloon, which can then. be curtained off• to farth two separai,e compartments, if required.

Tools are kept under the driver's seat, and there are a number of lockers in the roof for storing general impedimenta.. There are four lockers at the back and one bebiw the driving .seat, whilst other • lockers, arranged conveniently under the seats,


People: John Pye

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