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Many Improvements in 1944 Dodge Range

23rd June 1944, Page 25
23rd June 1944
Page 25
Page 25, 23rd June 1944 — Many Improvements in 1944 Dodge Range
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AILS of the 1944 range of American Dodge models, which have just been released, show that many improvements have been incor. pointed, although, basically, they are of the same design as the 1942 vehicles. • These are the first to be built since production was stopped in : 1942, and they are now available only ' to operators in the United States 'on a priority basis. There are three models being produced and these are a 14-tonner with . normal control, a forward-control . machine in the same -capacity and a norrnal-control 2-tonner,. The normalcontrol 14-tonner is being supplied in tWo wheelbase lengths, and all models in chassis and cab form. Additionally, the 13-ft. 4-in, wheelbase li-tonner can be obtained with a 12-ft. Stake body. . Although, as mentioned, there, has been Ito lorry productiOn for civilian lige since 1942, the improvements now introduced were contemplated at that time, and so, presumably, have nOt been brought about as the result of e,xPerience gained in war-time service. —Amongst the. new or. improved features may be mentioned' a more robust gearbox, universal joint and propeller shaft, increased braking area, changed position of the . steering column (resulting in less .restricted space for the driver) and the addition of several . engine accessories as standard equipment. The, four-speed gearbox heavier, the is larger and he object being to increase its load-carrying capacity. Some care has been taken ensure nsure the oibtightness

the box and, to this of

end, Dodge engineers have introduced some new principles. Not only does time rearrangement of the steering column give the dAver more freedom, but the different angle, of the &Anna' makes for more comfortable handling of the steering wheel. A further contribution to driver-comfort is the greater degree of adjustment— in a forward and a rearward direction —of the drivers seat. ;Steering wheels, in all cases, are made of a plastic material known as' tenite. The engine is fitted with an oilbath-type of air cleaner and the capacity of this component is now one quart, or double that of the type fitted to 1942 models. A minor feature,• perhaps, . but one. which has been introduced as the restilt of eXperience, is the arranging of the speedometer -cal* inside the instrument panel; this has been one to reduce the possibility of breakage. Iii order to stiffentip the chassis frame some models -have fish-plate reinforcements. Normal-control models have road springs with doublewrapped eyes,' a' 'feature which should contribute towards the 'reduction of possible spring breakages at this point. Included amongst what may be termed the de luxe features are a dome light in the cab, an armrest for the driver, and . two long-arm adjustable driving mirrors. The improvements already outlined apply to. the entire range of 1944 models, but, additionally, the nein 1-i-tanners are fitted with a large" clutch, springs of more generous, dimensions, larger tyre equipment, a heavy-daty oil filter having a replaceable element, a governor, and auxiliary springs. The larger clutch gives a frictiohal area of 131.14 sq. ins., as compared with 100.53 sq. ins. in earlier models. Braking area, too, has been increased on the li-tonners from 259.6-sq. ins. tc 284.3 sq. ins., and a booster is included on all but the 13-ft. 4-in. wheelbase 'model., on which it is an optional fitting. As an additional aid to -increased braking efficiency 'the master cylinder now Provided is ol larger .bore' than previously. From the foregoing it will be gathered that the new-model Dodge machines, now available for civilian operators, are more sturdy than their predecessors and, in consequence, should be able to stand up to hardei usage with less wear, Drivers, too, will appreciate the extra comfort.


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