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23rd January 1919
Page 20
Page 20, 23rd January 1919 — AGRIYIOTOR NOTES.
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A New American Tractor to Compete with the Fordson.

New tractor manufacturers in the States have a habit, like makers of component-built touring cars and motor lorries, of springing up in the night, and, after a brief span, fading away as the old soldier is supposed to do. This, however, cannot be said of the makers of the Samson, type Id, a tractor which is made by the General Motors Corporation, a concern of some standing, and fairly well known to our readers as a manufacturer of both electric and petrol lorries which have found favour amongst many users in this country.

Two-plough Capacity Machine.

The tractor itself, as will be gathered by a glance at our illustration, resembles closely the Fordson, with which, it is openly stated, it is intended to corn pete. Its price is 650 dollars, which, at the present rate of exchange, is equivalent to 2137 of English money. The machine is of two-plough capacity, though it is claimed that it Will pull three shares where conditions of ground and weather are favourable. It has several good constructional points, and in certain ways indicates the present trend of tractor design.

Fordson Outlines Followed.

As can be gathered from the illustration, the general outlines of the Fordson tractor appear to 04-4 have been followed. The engine is three-point suspended, and it is claimed that the water jacketing of the cylinders is more efficient than is usual. A substantial air washer is fitted to the intake of the 'carburetter, thus freeing the engine cylinder from ingress of dirt, grit and other foreign substances. Either paraffin or petrol, it is said, can be burned " without change or adjustment of the carburetting devices. A specially large fuel tank is provided, with a capacity of 22 gallons, a supplementary one being fitted to hold petrol, which is needed for starting, when the heavier fuel is in normal employment. The radiator, which is of the tubular type, is fitted with a large hand hole, facilitating cleaning and re pairs. A .disc clutch is embodied, running in oil, and a feature of the design of the transmission is that the belt pulley is arranged to act both as a clutch brake and as a main brake for the tractor. The engine is governed.

All Moving Parts Enclosed.

All the moving parts, with the sole exception of the four ground wheels, are totally enclosed in a water_ proof, dust-proof and oil-proof casing, and particular • attention has been paid to the oiling system. The casing is designed so as to provide a constant oil level, no matter what may be the lay of the land on which the tractor is working, and a pump forces oil to all the enginebearings.

More interesting, however, is the reduction of the number of oiling and greasing points to a, minimum. Lubricating oil is only to be applied at two points, and this on account of the fact that two grades of oil are needed, one for the engine and clutch, which require cylinder oil ; the other to the transmission and rear axle gears, for which heavy transmission oil is needed. There are only three grease cups, one on the fan and two on the front axle. The simplicity of construction and operation of this tractor is further exemplified by the fact that the tool kit consists only of three box spanners, and it is claimed that this is an entire and complete equipment. The tractor does not even require an oil can. AGRIMOT.


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