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Neutral Notes.

23rd December 1915
Page 18
Page 18, 23rd December 1915 — Neutral Notes.
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British users, at the present time, when they are being offered American chassis of all kinds in such numbers, will do wall to keep themselves informed of actual commercial-vehicle activities in the United States, as well as in other neutral countries.

Motors for Mails.

Of two towns situated close together in New York State, one complains that it does not get its mails delive,red till one day later than the other. It is pointed out that the town with the best postal facilities employs motor mail vans, whereas the complaining one does not, and suggested that the method of redress is obvious.

American War Tax.

America is profiting by Europe's lesson, and is preparing for war on a much larger scale than. has hitherto been thought of in the States. Furthermore, a very ingenious scheme has been evolved, the result of which, it is hoped, will be that the belligerent countries will have to pay for her armaments. It is proposed to tax all munitions exported to the extent of no less than to per cent, of their value. Based on the exports for the last nine months, it is expected that 40,000.000 will be realized by thb means in less than a year, The Worm and Wheel as Final Drive.

Statistics of the transmission details of American chassis show that the worm and ,wheel as final drive is increasing in popularity at a very rapid rate. Whereas in 1913 1..;. per cent, of commercial vehicles made in the States were so driven, 79 per cent being chain, 11 per cent, bevel and 5 per cent, doublereduction or internal gear, the figures for this year show 21l, per cent. as being worm-driven, 582 chain ; 10 and 92 being the figures for bevel and double-reduction gears respectively.

Ernst Cueriod, the founder of The Swiss Automobile Club, died re

cently. Ile had been connected with the club since 1898.

Biggest Demand for Chassis with Capacity of Less than Three Tons.

Interesting data. are available as a. result of investigations by " The Commercial Vehicle " of America concerning the demand for chassis of various capacities, and as a result it appears that the use of three and five-tonners is very largely confined to the very large storekeepers in each district. As a result of inquiries amongst many grocers and similar stores throughout the country and in the smaller cities, it is concluded that only 32 per cent of the whole of the chassis in use have a capacity: greater than two tons. Investigation was made in 75 cities in 36 states, the populations varying from 17,000 to 735,000. It must. be understood that the largest cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Boston were not considered in this investigation. It is pointed out that in cities of moderate size, the weight Of goods to be delivered never exceeds two tons for any one load. It seldom reaches this weight except where groceries, crockery and furniture are handled extensively. Even where vehicles of three tons and upwards were used by the large stores, it was proved that these were not, as a rule, for delivery, but for transfer purposes, and for distribution amongst the smaller vehicles which actually make the deliveries, at some sub-station a distance away from the main store. The figures are very instructive, and should prove useful as showing the comparative demand.

A Dutch motor paper wants to know why cars cannot be delivered complete with accessories. When buying a new car the various necessary fittings make a pretty heavy addition to the cost of the car. The writer thinks it is one of the best selling points American cars have, that they are always ready for immediate touring.

Commercial Vehicle for Power Printing.

An ingenious use was made of a Wichita Vi-ton truck in a printing press in Galveston, recently, when the press room was put out of business owing to a storm. The lower floors of the building were flooded, and as the city's gas and electric supplies were out of commission, there. was apparently no hope of securing power to operate the pres.s to get out an edition. Eventually the truck was jacked up, a pulley rope wound round the rear wheels and by this aid the first edition of any paper after the storm had subsided was printed. " It is interesting to note that the truck used for the work was also thoroughly soaked in the flood, rendering it all the more remarkable that it should be usable for the purpose described.

Ford Activity.

Mr. Ford is now making iron castings direct from the ore, without its being cast, as a first stage, into pig iron. He is stated to get good grey and malleable iron by this method, and expects considerable economy as a result. He claims to be able to control to a greater degree the amounts of carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus and sulphur that are present.


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