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22nd September 1925
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Page 13, 22nd September 1925 — A SMART PRODUCTION/ IN CYCLE CARRIERS.
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With a Carrying Capacity of from 3 cwt. to 4 cwt., this New Motorcycle Carrier has Many Striking Mechanical Features.

.LAi NEW motorcycle carrier, with a

carrying capacity of 3 cwt. to 4 cwt. (but actually strong enough to support a substantial overload) is being placed On the market by the Carette Trade Carrier Co., Ltd., 115, Carlton Vale, London, N.W.6. The carrying capacity mentioned is generally ample, not only for the retailer, but also for many wholesalers where quick delivery is required, but, although of ample capacity, the dimensions of the vehicle 'are reasonable, the Overall length being 8 ft. 2 ins., the overall width 4 ft. 34. ins., whilst the overall height is 3 ft. 91 ins., but if a guard rail be fixed to the roof structure a few inches must be added to the height on that account.

The machine is extremely easy to handle when not under power, which, of course, makes for convenience in storing it in places that otherwise might be awkward, and another point that has been taken into consideration in its design is the entire simplification of the mechanismThe engine, for instance, is constructed to operate on the two-stroke cycle principle, the lubricating oil is arranged to be mixed with the petrol and, except for that, lubrication is confined to four points on the chassis, viz., the three wheel hubs and the steering head.

As the total unladen weight is 3f ewt., the machine has to be registered as a three-wheeled vehicle weighing less than 8 cwt., and the tax, therefore, is £4 per annum.

it is capable of a speed of from 20 m.p.h. to 25 m.p.h., and the consumption is one gallon of fuel per 40 miles run under full load. When we say that the price of the vehicle is only £85 complete with body, tools, etc., it will be realized that it can give extremely economical service, the operating costs being low and the Overhead charges small. The engine is single-cylindered air

. cooled and has a 60 mm. bore with a piston stroke of 64 mm. It is cooled by a fan, the vanes of which are cast integral with the flywheel, the whole being shrouded, the shroud extending round one side of the engine and embracing the cooling fins. The fan is cleverly arranged in this way that small vanes inspire the air from the central opening in the shrouding, whilst the alternate larger vanes set up a powerful centrifugal action which forces a large body of air over the outside of the engine cylinder. The cooling is so effective that the engine may be left running for half an hour without any symptom of heating up.

The power is taken through a twospeed gearbox (giving gear ratios of 10 to 1 on topsand 16 to 1. on low), the change from top to low being through a sliding dog. From the gearing the power passes to a clutch at the side of the gearbox, consisting of large plates of steel and asbestos fibre running dry, and from the front sprocket attached to the clutch body the power is taken by \ chain to the sprocket attached to the rear hub.

There are two brake cobtrols, one operated by the brake pedal and the other by the brake lever, but they operate only two brake shoes, the connection from the pedal being taken to a cam at one end of the shoes, whilst the connection from the lever is taken to the opposite earn; thus, when the two brake controls are applied, the whole length of each shoe is forced to bear over the face of the drum. This strikes us as being quite new practice and an extremely good one.

The frame of the vehicle consists of one large aluminium casting which extends from the steering head, forms a support for the engine and driving seat and, by means of tubing, supports the rear wheel. The structure, therefore, is extremely sturdy and, as the steering head is set slightly in advance of the front-axle support, a castor action is set up which makes the steering very easy and automatically directs it in a straight line. The steering bar is of the usual type for tricycles of this character.

The body is mounted on two semielliptic springs, the rear ends of which work in roller-faced guides.

The carburetter, we may mention, is specially designed for the engine and has two controls on the supply, so that the quantity of fuel necessary can be adjusted at the main cock irrespective of the adjustment provided by the throttle.

The body is rather, ingeniously arranged in this way, that only the carrying platform, which is 3 ft. 5 ins. long by 2 ft. 11 ins, wide, is attached rigidly to the spring brackets, the upper structure, forming the sides, end and top of the body, being attached to the platform by four bolts fitted with wingnuts. It is the work of only two or three minutes to undo the flynuts and to remove the body, leaving the bare platform for the accommodation of large boxes or parcels.

The two front wheels are equipped with Dunlop extra-heavy motorcycle tyres. The rear wheel is fitted with a semi-pneumatic Ducasble tyre, which, tis is well known, is unpuncturable, and as there can be no punctures there is no necessity for removing the rear wheel for tyre troubles.

The coachwork is finished in black for the chassis, the body being painted to the colour desired by the customer, all sign-writing, of course, being extra.

We understand that the Carette Trade Carrier Co., Ltd., are quite will-. ing to arrange for a demonstration of the vehicle to any tradesman.


Locations: London

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