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This Wins a Read er Three Guineas

22nd November 1963
Page 41
Page 41, 22nd November 1963 — This Wins a Read er Three Guineas
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,THE following idea has been submitted i by Mr. P. G. Mark, of Mark Transport, who will receive the usual prize of three guineas.

Studs broken off short can often b2 removed quite easily by the following method. A nut of suitable size can be placed in position and welded (either by gas or electric arc, whichever is more convenient) to the remaining portion. The heat of the weld will usually penetrate and relieve stresses. When cool the stud can be unscrewed, Comments Handyman: This trick does work quite well where it can be safely applied, and I have used it very recently on a I-in, rear bogie stud, where the normal stud extractor could not obtain a bite, and although the spanner, plus considerable leverage, failed to move the broken stub in the first attempt, welded on a second time and using an impact power wrench, the stub came out at once. However, I do not recommend welding temperatures being applied in the vicinity of water-jacket compartments on cylinder block faces, as stresses are often already there, and need very little heat expansion to start a fracture which can turn out very expensive.


People: P. G. Mark

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