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21st March 1922, Page 33
21st March 1922
Page 33
Page 33, 21st March 1922 — ROADSIDE AND GARAGE.
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A Page for Drivers, Mechanics and Foremen.

A Portable Work Bench.

The sender of the following communication has been awarded the extra payment of is.this week.

(2,373) " H.A.B." (Rotherham) writes : ---" The accompanying sketch, shows. a portable bench which will be found very, useful in every garage or workshop, whether large or small. The framework is of 2 ins, by in. mild steel bar, the top is a piece (.4 f, in. plate. 'The 'construction is almost apparent from the sketch, although the following few hints may be advisable :—The legs are turned down at one end to in. diameter,, and subsequently screwed. They screw tightly into the in. plate which forms the .top of the bench. The plate is shown in the Sketch as being circular; this is not essential, as a square plate may be used if desired: The ring which steadies the legs is of the same material as the rest of the frame, and should be, for preference, welded at the joint.

" It will be found that this table will stand all the rough work of the garage, including heavy filing, without swaying.

Its efficiency in this respect may be improved if the vice be placed over one leg. "As a refinement, a piece of mild steel strip may be fastened round the edge of the table, to project over the top, and serve to prevent tools from slipping off."

A Boiler Tube Cleaner.

(2,374) " (Thrapston) writes ; "There are a few prime essentials amongst those things which require care in the maintenance of a steam wagon, such as amongst others, keeping the boiler clean, the flues clear, and the water feed system in good order. These are matters concerning which every driver is well informed. Indeed, if he is not, and neglect occurs, the matter is quickly brought to his notice by the wagon itself, which sulks in no uncertain way.

" Now much of the work involved is drudgery, and unavoidably so. It can be alleviated, however, in some respects by the employment of the proper tools, and the latter, in a good many instances, may be improvised by the driver himself from quite simple and inexpensive materials. Such a one is the boiler tube cleaner which is illustrated in the accompanying ..sketch. It is made from a piece of ordinary mild-steel bar, in. diameter. One end is screwed to take a handle, or it may be made as a square, for the same purpose, all according to the handle which is available. Some drivers may even prefer to bend the end of the bar at right angles, so that the handle is then solid with the tool itself. There is at least plenty of scope for the employment of individual talent and the exercise of ones own judgment in respect of the eonstruction of that part of the tool. The bulk of the bar is, however, first flattened out until its width corresponds to the internal diameter of the tubes. It must then be twisted from end to end, as shown in the sketch,and the edges filed back to form cutters."

An Improved Lathe Chuck.

(2,375) " II.A.B." (Rotherham) writes : —" An opportunity arose recently to q.uote for the making of a dozen piston rings, 101 ins. diameter. Actually we had not, in the shop, a lathe chuck cap. able of accommodating a casting of the size required for these rings, but as work these days is not so plentiful that

one can lightly turn it away, I was instructed to do the beet I could.

Weil, the best and, most suitable lathe 'was 16 ins. diameter, and on it were cut the usual T slots lor T-headed bolts. I decided to use this lathe for the week, and commenced by making four special eye-bolts, as shown in the accompanying sketch. The eyes were tapped in. Whitworth thread, and the under sides of the eye-heads were shaped to fit, into the T Eilots of the face plate. The four bolts, with their respective screws, made altogether an effective chuck, admirably adapted for the special purpose I had in view, so long as there was no necessity for heavy cuts. When the piston ring casting was turned and bored I put a plate across the outer end to hold it while thEepreliniinary parting off cut was taken, removing the plate when cutting the rings off finally.'

Lamps Alight.

On Saturday, March, 25th, light your lamps at 6,48 in London, 6.55 in Newcastle, 6.55 in Birmingham, 7.3 in Edinburgh, 7.1 in Liverpool, 6.58 in Bristol, and 7.45 in Dublin.

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