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If only the others had our guts

21st August 1970, Page 64
21st August 1970
Page 64
Page 64, 21st August 1970 — If only the others had our guts
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Instead of showing you a photograph of Connrner Maxiload and CE models we're showing you the power behind them, the TS 3 Diesel It's a two-stroke, three-cylinder engine with two opposed pistons in each cylinder. And from a 3.52 litre capacity it develops the sort of power you usually expect from much larger engines. How do we get so much power from such a compact unit ? By putting two opposed pistons in each cylinder instead of the usual one. Two -fisted power to give you more torque for tough jobs, more acceleration for fast jobs and extra miles per gallon on any job. Which leaves only one question to be answered. What about reliability and durability ? Well, the TS 3 Diesel has been on the road for over 17 years now and has covered many millions of miles on all types of hauling assignments. Surely these facts speak for themselves. And if further proof were needed it comes from a 12 month/50,000 mile warranty. 7 You rarely see engines featured in truck advertisements. Maybe because most engines haven't got the guts!


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