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A Private Baggage and Luggage Van.

20th July 1905, Page 17
20th July 1905
Page 17
Page 17, 20th July 1905 — A Private Baggage and Luggage Van.
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By the courtesy of Lord Howard de Walden, of Seaford House, Belgrave Square, W., we are enabled to give three views of a private general utility van which he ordered from the Motor Supply Co., Ltd., of Criterion Chambers, to and Jermyn Street, S.W. His lordship is one of the many who realise the usefulness and reliability of self-propelled vehicles for practically every class of work. The van has a two-cylinder engine of the latest type, the bore being tosmm.

by 1,3omm. stroke, giving 9.7h.p. at 800 revolutions per minute. The engine is not governed automatically, but hand control governing the admission of the mixture to the indtulion pipe is fitted. Inlet and exhaust valves are both mechanically operated from a 2 to i cam shaft. The SimmsBosch system of magneto ignition is employed, and forced circulation of water is obtained by a gear-driven rotary pump running at about 1,400 revolutions per minute. Pressurefeed lubricators placed on the dashboard in full view of the driver supply oil to the cylinders, crank-shaft, and gear-box. Four speeds forward and a reverse are used, giving approximately 2, 4, 6, and to miles per hour at Soo revolutions per .minute, and the operating levers are conveniently placed at the driver's left. Transmission to the gear-box is by a leather-covered cone clutch, from which power is carried by

a longitudinal shaft with universal joints at both ends, and finally by pinions on the ends of the differential shaft meshing with internally-toothed gear rings bolted to the inner side of the road wheels. Front and back wheels are artillery pattern, carrying solid tyres, those of the former being fitted with the Kelly, whilst the latter run on the Pollack tyres. Two brakes are supplied : the first, operated by a foot pedal, grips a drum on the intermediate gear shaft ; and the second, applied by a hand lever near the driver, forces two brake shoes against the treads of the back wheels. The body of the van is finished a brown colour, the inside being white. The vehicle will be used to carry baggage of all descriptions to the various London termini from Seaford House, and also will be required to make itself generally useful. Nearly all the game and vegetables consumed at 1.ord lloward de Walden's house in London are supplied from his country residence, Audeley End, a distance of about 40 miles from the metropolis, and the van will make daily journeys up to town with a supply of both for next day's consumption.

During the shooting season the roof of the vehicle will lie fitted Up with temporary hooks and carriers for the reception of game; also lockers will be arranged round ihe sides at the flciar level for holding the gamekeepers' luncheon. The machine will run to the scene of action, taking, the food with it, and will then load up with game, and take it either to Audeley End or bring it up to London, whichever is required of it. This class of service opens up another channel for trade in commercial motors.

We are glad to see that the self-propelled vehicle is extending its sphere to most civilised countries. Tasmania is to be supplied with a service of motors by a company recently formed, entitled the Tasmanian Motor Transport Co., Ltd.

Birmingham Watch Committee has had under consideration the question of the licensing of the motor buses at present used in the town. Recommendation has been made that licenses he granted for three months only to the Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company, Ltd., in respect of vehicles already running, upon the understanding that the whole of the vehicles must be at once put in proper working order and so maintained. The committee also recommended that the company be informed that at the end of that period the committee would feel obliged to exercise its right to refuse to renew the licenses in respect of any vehicle which, in its opinion, was not in a fit condition Lu ply for hire.


Locations: Birmingham, London

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