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Bus Operators Reconsider Fares: Leicester Variations Granted

19th January 1951
Page 34
Page 34, 19th January 1951 — Bus Operators Reconsider Fares: Leicester Variations Granted
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RBAGTING an 'approaching storm • •of applications for higher fares, • there Is now a lull in' the Licensing • Authorities' activities while operators sotisider the position and probably • revise applications about to be lodged.

• Many municipal authorities have been • debating the situation and numerous • proposals will shortly be promulgated.

• 'Special early morning fares, suggested an alternative to the abolition ' of ' workmen's tickets by Leicester Transport Department, have now been accepted by the East Midland Licensing Authority. A deficit of £72,000 is expected this year, and the revised ' morning fares will bring in £26,000 a ; year No public hearing Was given to this application, the East Midland • Authority indicating that delay would ' be avoided by thus accepting the corporation's proposals.

Cpaby Applies

At the hearing of the application of Derby. Corporation to vary its fares structure. •the East Midland Licensing . Authority stated that from the evidence provided, there was no reason to believe that the undertaking was inefficiently run. The corporation sought permission to adjust fares on motorbuses and trolleybuses on the basis of lid. per . I mile, instead of, 1 mile as at present, with an additional id. for each subsequent I mile.

Return and workmen's fares are proposed to be increased by id. and Id. respectively. The estimated net loss for

• the current year was stated to be £38.500, rising -to £50.000 next year. representing a rate charge of approximately Is. in Cie pound.

Increases varying from 161 to 331 • per cent, on ordinary tickets and 55 per • cent. on schoolchildren's, season tickets , were sought by David McBrayne, Ltd., at a hearing at Inverness, last. week. Unless fares were raised, it was 'stated. vital services, particularly in rural and urban areas of West Scotland. would have to be curtailed. Mr. W. F. Quin. Scottish Licensing Authority, said that the company had established a case, • but reserved his decision.

Birmingham Application Coming "Very substantial increases in fares "' to be applied for immediately by Birmingham Transport Department were forecast, last week. by Aid. H. S. (loodby, chairman of the transport committee. . Costs had advanced by £500.000 a year. by higher taxation, wage increases and the higher costs of fuel, oil and tyres. 'Additional expenditure was running at the rate of an extra £1 a minute, said 'Aid. Goodby. Staff shortages. he added, might result in the curtailment of services.

Increased charges introduced recently, by the corporation might prove insufficient, it was stated recently at Hull. Additional revenue amounting to almost £90,000 had been expected to accrue from these changes, but higher wage rates had reduced the possible benefit from this source to £62,950. Further increases might have to be sought. One councillor, referring to the fact that workmen's fares had not been advanced, said that it was a case of political pressure and vote-catching, Wading Corporation is to apply for Pet minion to abolish the Id. minimum fare and to, add id. to tickets up to 6d., to increase revenue by £38,000 a year. 113/1952, a deficit of £50,340 is expected. It was stated that the undertaking had purchased 84 vehicles since 1947, which, together with miscellaneous charges,. had cost £511,184, Although services had been reduced and the system had been reorganized to diminish the effect of an accumulating deficit, Swindon Corporation may shortly apply for further variations in fares, the last application having been granted in March, 1949. This had caused a reduction of 2,000-in the daily number of passengers carried, and further increases may, it is thought, have a similar result.

Modifications affecting 39 services are proposed by Mid-Wales Motorways,

Ltd., Newtown, • Montgomeryshire. Increases varying from W. on Id. and lid. tickets to 9d on bs. 3d. tickets, are sought. • United Automobile Services, Ltd., has now applied to amend fares in the Northern Area. The concern's "blanket" application affecting the• north-east coast was heard on Tuesday.

Co-ordinated services run. by the Northern General Transport Co., Ltd., and Ribble Motor Services, Ltd., are also the subject of applications, as are those run by O.K. Motor Services, Bishop Auckland, and five smaller operators in the area. Fares increases have been granted to six .small firms in the North, all operating from Stanley, Co. Durham,

in the Yorkshire area, applications to • vary fares have been lodged by Messrs. Baker Bros., Warsop, Trent Motor Traction Co., Ltd., and Midland General Omnibus Co., Ltd., the latter two concerning express services.

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