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What the Associations Are Doing

16th September 1938
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Page 38, 16th September 1938 — What the Associations Are Doing
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The Commercial Motor costs expert, S.T.R., will open his 1938-1939 series of lectures at the Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge, next Tuesday. September 20, at 8 p.m. Officially, be is down to address the members of the Western Sub-area of the Metropolitan Area of A.R.O. So much importance, however, is attached to this meeting that all members of the Metropolitan Area are being invited. It is anticipated that a large audience will be present.

The occasion is indeed an important one, as S.T.R. will deal not so much with the more or less elementary aspect of costing, as has, hitherto, been his custom, but specifically with the subject of rates, assessment and stabilization. Readers should note that the services of S.T.R. are available throughout the country. There is no fee charged for this work, that part of the expense being borne entirely by the publishers of The Commercial Motor.

And Still More Restriction. . .

A survey of the position in which road transport is likely, soon, to find itself was recently given by Mr. R. Gresham Cooke, Secretary of the B.R.F., to Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce. The business of road haulage, be stated, was saddled with the provisions of 600 pages of Acts of Parliament, comprising 2,000 sections, and every lorry should to-day carry its lawyer! Traders and road hauliers alike, owing to the falling level of rail trafec, were likely to be threatened with further restrictions. One class of road-operator-owned lorry had, during a certain recent period, decreased in number by 2,286, whilst the number of similar railway-owned vehicles had increased, during this same period, by 575.

Hauliers' Task in National Emergency.

An open meeting of operators was held under the auspices of the C.M.U.A. (West of England Division) at Bristol recently. Mr. C. W. Jordan (vice-chairman of the division) took the chair, and Mr. W. A. Winson (immediate past president of the C.M.U,A.) and Mr. Howard Fish (Messrs. Joseph Fish and Sons) were the speakers.

Mr. Jordan referred to the uneasiness regarding the international situation, and stressed the need for operators to be in a position to convince the Ministry of Transport that they could be of great assistance in times of national emergency.

Mr. Winson instanced the many occasions on which the C.M.U.A. had already been able to assist Government Departments. Approach was no-a, being made to the C.M.U.A. by local authorities to furnish vehicles for use


in times of national emergency. He then proceeded to deal with the position of the railways, in relation to road transport. He pointed out that legislative restriction applied only to road transport, not the railways.

Dealing with the question of rates, Mr. Winson informed his hearers of the steps initiated by the C.M.U.A. and the progress now being made, in collaboration with the other national organizations, in building up a rates structure within the industry.

Three further mass meetings have been arranged for October 17, November 14 and December 5.

An A.R.O. Secretary's Move.

The honorary secretary of the Plymouth Sub-area of A.R.O., Mr. R. W. Fennamore, has moved to larger offices at 4, Sussex Street, Plymouth.

Road Exhibition in Wigan.

The British Road Federation has been invited to show its small road model at the Wigan and District Chamber of Trade Exhibition from September 17 to 24. This exhibition is for general trades, and is open from 2.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. each day. Approximately 20,000 people usually visit the event during the week, and it is to be staged at the Drill Hall, Wigan.

Non-insurers Castigated.

Comment was made, at a committee meeting of the Plymouth Sub-area of A.R.O., last week, upon the inadequacy of fines, imposed by magistrates, for failure to insure vehicles. Mr. F. S. Huxham pointed out that in the event of an uninsured vehicle colliding with a vehicle belonging to anyone dependent on it for his living, it was a serious matter for the user to have to bear the expense. NEED FOR ADEQUATE ROADS.

Addressing the Edinburgh and District Local Centre of the Scottish Motor Trade Association, at Edinbtirgh, last week, Mr. C. Boyd Bowman, of the B.R.F., said the Federation was engaged in a nationwide campaign. for the adoption of measures to give Great Britain an adequate road system.

There was urgent need for new roads to connect the ports with the great industrial areas and the centres of population. By diverting the greater part of the heaviest traffic, congestion would, everywhere, be relieved. The iraprovernent of trunk roads would have to be continued, as traffic demands were ceaselessly growing. More than 6,500 were killed in road accidents every year and the insurance companies paid out £25,000,000 every year in claims arising from road accidents. Because the accidents were scattered little attention was paid to them.

Liverpool-Dublin Steamers' Delays.

Delays in the clearance of vehicles discharging goods at the quayside, Liverpool, for conveyance by the Dublin steamers of the British and Irish Steam Packet Co. have been the subject of representations by the Liverpool Cart and Motor Owners Association to the British and Irish Steam Packet Co.

Mr. Allen Walter, secretary. of the Association, has informed his members that there may, in the future, be less cause for complaint, but that it is apparent that until the new coastwise dock system comes into use there will be spasmodic detentions.

A "Consumers' Angle " • Association.

The winter session of the Manchester and District Traffic Association opened, last evening, with a lecture arranged by Imperial Airways, Ltd.. and a film show entitled " Air Ente-prise." Other lectures will be held at monthly intervals and the speakers will include Mr. C. Le M. Gosselin, president of the C.M.U.A„ and Mr. R. Stuart Pilcher, Manchester's transport manager.

The Association is unique in one important aspect—that, although closely supported by local executives cf all branches on the supply side of transport, its members are exclusively drawn from large industrial concerns in the Manchester area. As a consequence the Association frames policy and conducts propaganda purely from the consumers' point of view, and aims to lead traders' interests in the various phases of to-day's transport problems. " Members of our Association feel that the man who ' pays the piper' is in peril of being forgotten in impending legislation for transport," said an official to The Commercial Motor. PRIVATE-CAR TRAILERS— EVIDENCE NEEDED.

Abuse of trailers behind private cars was a subject of discussion at a meeting at Plymouth, on Monday, of the Devon and Cornwall Area Committee of A.R.O. Mr. C. Hodgson declared that it would be an absolute waste of time for a deputation to go to the Ministry ot Transport, as had been planned, unless there was concrete evidence. He had heard of one instance, but they needed 20 or 30.

The chairman, Mr. K. G. Foster, ' observed that it was necessary to be careful. They did not want to interfere with the ordinary farmer who carried a few of his own goods. Mr. Powell suggested that farmers already enjoyed a good deal of concessions. It was agreed that the secretary (Mr. N. J. Bennett) should remind the Plymouth Sub-area secretary of the need for collecting evidence.

In response to a circular from head office, the secretary was instructed to circularize the Chambers of Commerce in the district with particulars of the Hawker appeal case, the result of which was considered to circumscribe the trader's freedom of choice in methods of transport. The next meeting was fixed for October 10, at Liskeard.

A.R.O. Meetings in Yorks.

The Yorkshire Area Committee of the A.R.O. has decided to introduce an interesting innovation. In future its meetings will not always be held at the headquarters of the area, in Leeds, but will also be held at different pivotal points, such as York, Sheffield, Doncaster and Hull.

Mansfield C.M.U.A. at Dunlops.

Last Monday, a large party of members of the Mansfield Sub-area of the C.M.U.A. paid a visit to the Dunlop works at Fort Dunlop, after travelling, by road, through Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield. Amongst the party were Mr. Hawkesley and Mr. Hays, of the Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., also Mr. J. G. Hickling (organizing secretary, East Midland Division, C.M.U.A.), Mr. R. Shelton (East Midland Divisional Council, C.M.U.A.) and Mr. E. Smith, (secretary, Mansfield Sub-area).

Legal Defence in the North-West.

During the past 10 months the A.R.O. solicitor in the North-Western Area has been extremely active, in dealing with no less than 146 matters for members. In all, 26 applications have been made for variation of licences or the conditions thereof, and of these 19 have been successful: two cases have been taken to the Appeal Tribunal, one of which was successful. The results show that out of 26 applications, 20 were granted.

Successful A.R.O. Rally.

Some 300 persons attended the A.R.O. West Midland Area rally at Lilleshall Hall, on Saturday last. Tea was presided over by the area chairman, Mr. J. H. Male, who introduced

the national director, Mr. R. W. Sewill. In a short speech Mr. E. J. Shapland, clerk to the Area Licensing Authority, referred to the granting, in some cases, of the extended period for licences, and, in other cases, of a shorter term, solely in order to spreadover the work evenly. A pleasing ceremony, afterwards, was the presentation, by Mr. Sewill, of safety-first awards to some 60 drivers of the firm of Messrs. Beresford, Caddy and Pemberton, Stoke-onTrent.

An A.R.O. Diary.

Late in 1937 the A.R.O. decided on the publication of a diary for the following year, and the demand for copies was so considerable that it has now been decided to publish it annually. The diary is intended primarily for members' own use, but it also makes an. attractive little present at Christmas or the New Year for distribution by hauliers to their clients. Members should communicate with their, area secretaries, who can give them full details.

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