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The Broad Position as the Makers State It.

16th September 1915
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Page 12, 16th September 1915 — The Broad Position as the Makers State It.
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?


" The War Department is agreeable to release approximately 25 per cent, of our weekly output of three-ton lorries, on the terms and conditions which have been announced."

"Owing to the number of wagons we have on order, and doing Government work besides, we could not take on any further orders for delivery during the present year."


" At the present moment we are able to deliver four chain-drive, 30-40 cwt. 28 h.p. Model A ' chassis from stock, two 2-ton worm-drive Model D ' from stock ; we have shipments on the way at the rate of five to eight per week, divided amongst our different sizes from one ton to four tons."

British Berna.

" We are pleased to state that we can give immediate delivery of our 31-ton British chassis, and delivery of our 35-40 h.p. 5-ton British chassis in about four weeks. With reference to our new 35-40 h.p. GC 'type Swiss chassis, we can deliver in from about 14 to 21 days. This is only for a limited number, however."

British Ensign (London Motor Exchange).

" We are in a position to deliver either five or six of the British Ensign three-tonners each week until the end of the present year."


"We have pleasure to inform you that our factory are capable of the following output between the present date and 31st December.

"2-ten standard chassis fitted 29 h.p. engine, twin tires on the rear wheels—continue (20) twenty cha.sis per week as now.

"3i-ton chassis fitted 35-40 h.p. engine, (10) ten per week commencing six weeks from date, at which time contracts an hand for the fighting Allies will be completed.

" 5-ton chassis fitted with 45-50 h.p. engine, (5) five per week commencing six weeks from date, at which date contracts on hand for the fighting Allies will be completed."

Commercial Car Hirers.

" Our works have been reconstructed to deal with repairs, overhauls and general maintenance. These additions are outside the requirements of our usual hire fleet of lorries and wagons, which fleet has been considerably increased."

Chase (St. George's Motor Co., Ltd.).

" We have several three-four-ton chassis in stock, ready for immediate delivery. These chassis are up-to-date in every particular."


"It would not be fair to our old customers if we were in a position to make any change in the rotational delivery for which orders have been booked by us during the past 12 months, except to the extent that any customer can himself satisfy the War Office that he is entitled to priority, or change of such rotation, due to the relative importance of his occupation upon work for that Department."


" We beg to say that at the moment we are in a position to give delivery of our standard machine within four to six weeks, but we cannot, of course, .say how long we shall be in that position, as we are discussing some rather large orders."


It is impossible for us to state our ayeilal* dellvery capacity for the rest of this year."


" We can give immediate delivery of a few chassis for loads up to 30 cwt., and can deliver a number of these a few weeks hence. As regards threetonners and four-tonners, we cannot possibly give delivery for several months, and we shall advise you in due course.'

Scottish Commercial Cars.

"Our present delivery dates for the four models we make, namely, 3, 3 and 4-ton chain-driven chassis and our live axle, is approximately six to eight weeks from date of order, and our output five to six chassis per week until the end of this year, when we anticipate considerably increasing this figure."

Scottish Motor Traction Co.

" We can give delivery of our ‘%-ton Lothian chassis in about six to seven weeks, subject to their being unsold."


"The authorities have not made themselves at all clear in the way of their requirements from us-, so that it. seems somewhat premature to supply anything like definite information to the Press. We are in a position to deliver a few machines of all types per week, particularly the 4 and 5-ton series, but it is quite impossible to say how many of these will be available to the trade and public."

Delivery Position—con.


" We feel it is a matter as to which we are not in a position to make any definite statement. The question of delivery entirely depends upon the War-Office sanction in each individual instance.'' Tilling-Stevens.

" Although engaged on Government work, we are taking orders for strict rotational delivery for our 4-ton petrolelectric vehicles and 2-ton gear-driven vehicles. We can give immediate delivery of our 1-ton gear-driven vehicles."

Vulcan Car Agency.

are pleased to inform you that we can deliver the Brockway ' 2-tonner at the rate of 10 a week, and the 'Reliance' 3-tunner at the rate of five a. week. With regard to. the 30-cwt. ' Vulcan ' chassis, at the present time all the available deliveries are being :taken by the Russian and Belgian Governments and the British Red Cross Society."

Walker (Pagefield).

" Our position is that we are fully occupied in the production of Pa,gefield subsidy-type motor wagons for the War Office, and that this position remains unchanged."


" So far as we can see the War Office modifications will make PO difference to our deliveries. We aresstill in a position _to offer the 3-ton and 5-ton, chassis for 'immediate delivery from stock."


" We regret we are unable to make are' statement with regard to deliveries at the present

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