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Always keep your load safe IN RESPONSE to your letter

16th May 2013, Page 12
16th May 2013
Page 12
Page 12, 16th May 2013 — Always keep your load safe IN RESPONSE to your letter
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(CM 4 April), I wanted to give an overview of the importance of load security. Operators have a responsibility to ensure that vehicles are loaded securely when using the public highway. It is important that all aspects of load security are considered, not just those that may result in injury or death. A vehicle that sheds its load on any main route will cause serious delays to all road users. It's in hauliers' best interests to ensure loads are secured to prevent them from suffering any loss caused by damage. This might not necessarily involve a vehicle shedding its load, but a simple load shift can cause damage to goods or vehicles that aren't given appropriate protection.

Heather Cruickshank Vosa director of operations

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