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Halley's Works at Yoker.

16th February 1911
Page 8
Page 8, 16th February 1911 — Halley's Works at Yoker.
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Glasgow's Youngest Motor Factory Reaches Deserved Prominence.

The works of Halley's Industrial Motors, Ltd., at Yokes, Glasgow, have received illustrated mention in our pages more than once. Each time we hear about progress or visit there —the latter all too seldom, evidences of expansion towards a big-scale output. are borne in upon us. Steady and sure is the guiding principle upon -which Mr. George H. Halley and his co-directors have proceeded, with satisfactory results for their customers and themselves. It is known, just now, in Glasgow at any rate, that the year 1910 has shown a round f.:10,000 of profit, which is a considerable advance upon the yield for 1909.

Only so recently as July last, as we reported at the time, the company completed an extension to the machine shops : a photograph of that extension is reproduced. It approximates 4,000 sq. ft. in area, and it contains some 30 new machine tools of up-todate characteristics, We may name, among these, gear cutters, Cincieatti milling machines, Hendy-Norton lathes, Pearns boring mills, radial drilling machines, and Cleveland automatic screwing machines. None of the shafting, we may add, runs lazily.

At the moment of writing, the company is proceeding with a further extension: it is designed to accommodate wore tools—such as bevel-generating, high-speed drilling, and more Cleveland automatic screwing machines. This current addition will enable, the factory to have an output about 70 per cent. greater than was the case a couple of years ago, and still-further extensions are contemplated for early execution to meet demands.

Since the 8th August, 1910, pressure of orders has necessitated the running of a night shift in the whole of the machine department, and it looks as -though that extra working must go on. Trade has grown more rapidly than use anticipated, owing to the good results obtainedfrom Halley vehicles by their owners the world over. The lists of customers are not limited by any means to the United Kingdom, although the company is justly proud of its big sales in Scotland. Australia, New Zealand, Rangoon, the Federated Malay States, Siam, South-American countries, Denmark, etc., etc., know the Halley mime and the worth of the vehicles which bear it.

In conclusion, it is worthy of note that the extension in hand covers an area of 9,500 sq. ft., and comprises rearrangements which will facilitate the work isf the erecting and machine shops, and the conduct of operations in the. running and testing bays. Incidentally, though by no means of minor importance, concurrent additions are being made to the stores.


Locations: Glasgow, Cleveland, Rangoon

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