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15th May 1919, Page 3
15th May 1919
Page 3
Page 3, 15th May 1919 — ONE HEARS
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That certain ourrent topics might be summarized :— Transatlantic Flight.—How Now ?

Government Motor Works Scandal.—Slough Row.

Peace Cenference.—Pow-w. o w.

The German attitude at Varsailles.—Kow-tow. The Rabies Scare.—Bow-wow.

Of new fleets gradually growing.

Of flying boats being moved by Leyland steamers.

Of a growing discussion as to gear or no gear for steam wagons.

• Of a great revival of interest in provincial motorbus undertakings.

That there will be a lot of attention given now to the engine suited for benzole, That Captain Clarke, late M.T. Technical Department, is settling down with Dennis.

That Belfast and Dublin will both have interesting commercial-vehicle exhibits this month.

That there are still good orders going for underground storage tanks for aerodromes here and there.

That if we are to paint the town red during Peace celebrations, it will be as well to begin with the pillar boxes.

Speculation as to the ultimate degree of success of the proposed Manchester break-away from S.M.M. and T. bondage.

Of temporary cupoles cast in iron and brass sections by early M.T. repair units in France, starved of facilities by the home,authorities.

That the Atlantic flight will prove nothing more than that a good aero engine will do one good run at constant load of 24 hours' duration and that commercially the result will be nil. Of many towns which say, "No, thanks! No Tanks ! " 0 That some Northern towns do not welcome the offer of Tanks.

Of one town which has no entrance with a bridge sufficiently strong to bear the weight of a Tank.

Of another town which is afraid its water pipes and gas mains would be broken if a Tank were to pass over the streets. 0 That a w.atercar was seen yesterday in Oxford Street. 0 Of Leylands looking round to see how the building land lay.

That it won't be an honest peace if it leaves the Raiser Bill unpaid. _a _ • That everything is moving forward—including the publishing day of " C.M."

That chivalry towards a beaten—but unrepentant —enemy can be overdone. , That one gets little comfort for a first-class ticket on the Underground these days.

That it is high time many Government Departments were without forms and void.

That of far more interest than the promise of spring is the promise of coal-ration increase in July.

That "The Evolution of Tipping Mechanism" does not mean the art of acquiring the only porter on the platform..

That Captain Dodds, late M.T. Inspection Department, Manchester, is now works manager at Leyland's Chorley factory.

Complaints of the way "One Hears" space is cur tailed to make room for "stodgy" editorials (Stodgy, forsoothl—En)

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