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New Additive Cuts Out Pre-ignition

15th January 1954
Page 41
Page 41, 15th January 1954 — New Additive Cuts Out Pre-ignition
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ALL Shell Premium petrol will ir future contain what is termed ignition control additive (I.C.A.). Distribution of the new petrol through the pump started last Monday.

The chemical employed is tri-cresyl phosphate and its effect is to convert lead compounds deposited on the surface of the combustion chambers and the sparking plugs into lead phosphate complexes which are of higher melting point and greater electrical resistance. This prevents shorting over the pine insulation and the burning of the lead deposits which normally cause preignition, pinking and rough running of petrol engines.

The I.C.A. virtually fire-proofs the deposits, preventing them from glowing. Shell Petroleum, the parent company of Shell-Mes and B.P., Ltd., is responsible for the research behind this technical advance.

Shell motor fuel is now benefiting by two years of extensive trials on Shell avialion spirit. Shell containing I.C.A. has been on the market in the U.S.A. for some seven months and it has been found to clear the road for engines of higher compression ratio, gi vine increased power and greater economy.

With an engine which has been in service for some time, it requires up to 400 miles' running completely to convert the lead deposits.

SOLVENT ADDITIVE FOR ESSO rlA CLAIM that Esso Extra motor spirit has been greatly improved by introducing naphthenic solvent oil i• made by the Essa Petroleum Co., Ltd. This additive has important solvent properties on the type of gummy deposit which may form on valve sterns and in the piston-ring zone.


ECONOMY in the use of petrol by municipal transport is being urged by a committee of Ramsgate Town Council, who have approved a proposal to employ electric street orderlies. These will cost £460 each, enable staff to be cut from 24 to 16, and save £2,000 a year.

It is suggested that they can also be used for other purposes, such as conveying materials from the works depot to jobs en route to streets to be swept.

FREE (II24,639) TRAVEL CONCESSION passes available to k.■ persons over 70 in Liverpool total 36,674 and the holders make journeys to the value of £124,639 a year. This was reported to the transport committee last week, and it was decided not to extend the concession to persons of 65 and over.


E`OR the first time for many years, the I Vienna Spring Fair, from May 1421. will include an international display of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as accessories.


Organisations: Ramsgate Town Council
Locations: Liverpool

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