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Checking Vehicle Operation F OLLOWING some years of success X on

13th October 1931
Page 47
Page 47, 13th October 1931 — Checking Vehicle Operation F OLLOWING some years of success X on
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the Continent, the Kirner recorder has just been introduced to this Country and information concerning it can be obtained from Mr. IL Hunecke, Commercial Chambers, Princess Dock Site, Hull.

The recorder is 'designed to be fixed in a vertical position to the partition behind the driver's seat and the mechanism is contained in a neat, circular metal case with a hinged lid, which carries a special lock. The clockwork apparatus will run for eight days per winding, this being effected by turning a metal disc mounted in the centre of the lid.

The circular cards upon which the operations of the vehicle are recorded have square holes in their centres, and these fit over a block mounted on the disc. On the edge of the case is a small metal pad upon which the cards rest while the recording needle is in operation. These features -will be seen in the accompanying illustration.

When inserting a card the arm has to be raised, after which a spring returns the needle to make contact with the record. If, however, it be desired to use an eight-day pack of cards, these must be placed under the pad, after which the centre block is revolved until a radial slit in the top disc allows the stiirting edge to be placed under the needle. Then the rest of the cards are automatically inscribed in sequence.

Thd instrument may be set by turning the centre block until the required time on the card coincides with a notch on the pad. Should a card not be removed after 24 hours' recording. it would not become mutilated, because the needle automatically slips through the radial slit.


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