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A Small Motor Carrier for Tradesmen.

13th June 1907, Page 20
13th June 1907
Page 20
Page 20, 13th June 1907 — A Small Motor Carrier for Tradesmen.
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Further Particulars of the "Auto-carrier."

" TIIE COMMERCIAL MOTOR " for the 3rd of May last contained a brief ac3unt, together with an illustration, of small van or carrier made by Autocar id Accessories, Limited, of 'West Nor'cod, S.E. We are now able to suplement that account by three line rawings which have been specially repared for this journal. One of these lows the general disposition of all the arts, whilst the other two show the rrangcment of the engine and pedals

the small tubular framing, and a ction through the back-axle, respecMy. The stroke of the engine has ow been increased to 4 inches, but the are still is made 3A, inches in diameter ; le increased stroke has brought the ower of the engine up to 611.p. A representative of this journal has ad ample opportunity of examining rid testing this little machine, and he convinced that it is constructed on )und lines, and has been well thought ut. The flexibility of the engine, en abling full loads to be taken up severe to the third point of this triangular gradients, was thoroughly demonlever the brake-band anchor rod or tube strafed. Most of the work can be done is pinned. The effect of this arrange

on the direct drive, even at slow speeds. ment is that, when the pedal is depres sed, a projection from the pedal pushes against a rod which passes through the brake-band anchor tube, and the push,. re-acting through the brake band and the triangular lever, places the anchor tube in tension; or, a push and pull action is obtained without employing separate rods and brackets for anchoring and applying the braking effort of the brake-bands, There are two pedals and brake-bands, similarly operated; that on the left of the driver acts on a drum which is secured to the driving wheel, and the one on the right acts on the outer rim of the internal-toothed gear-ring which forms the outer element of the epicyclic, two-speed gear. In case of emergency, both brakes may be applied without damage to any part of the transmission. The vehicle may be made to run at very slow or very high speeds, simply by manipulating the throttle and spark levers. For all normal running, these two levers are locked together by a simple device, and may then be used as one lever, the following necessary controlling devices being operated in correct sequence, viz. : —throttle, ignition adjustment, exhaust-valve opener, and accumulator switch. Ordinary high-tension ignition, with coil and accumulator, is fitted as a standard, but the makers will fit high-tension magneto as an extra when required, still retaining the coil and battery which have given such good results. Arrangements are being made which will enable the makers to turn out three per week; the out-put, we believe, will he handled by a well-known agency. The low price of 4-8o, complete as illustrated in the Tenth " Performance issue of this journal (23rd May last) should command the attention of the many tradesmen who require such a small vehicle for rapid delivery work.


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