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13th January 1925
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The Latest Product of an American Company Whose Vehicles Have ,Been Introduced Into This Country.

OTHE few American commercial vehicles outside those which are specifically designed for light delivery work, which have achieved a measure of Popularity in this country, the Republic figures amongst those in the front rank. There is a number of vehicles of this make in use in different parts of Great Britain, and the interest of their users, so far as spare parts and service are concerned, is in the hands of Republic Motor Trucks Sales and Service, Ltd., 20, Peterborough Road, S.W.6.

• TheRepublic chassis is manufactured by the Republic Truck Co.,Inc., of Alma, Michigan, and the rouge of models which the company offer has recently been amplified by the introduction of a new heavy-duty unit which has been primarily designed for work in connection with road-building and the multifarious duties of those engaged in the lumber industry.

The sphere of utility for the vehicle in this country is somewhat narrowed, and, although it would hardly find much employment in the latter connection, it would certainly possess claims for use in the former service, particularly in view of the present and contemplated road works which are in hand. It Is very probable, therefore, that a market for the vehicle will ultimately be sought in Great Britain, and it is for this reason, that we intend to deal briefly with its outstanding characteristics and capabilities.

The new chassis is designed to deal with 5-ton loads, and is known as the Model 35. It has only been on the American market for a few weeks and is ilae result of extensive experiments which have been carried out with it by engineers of the company over a period of years. The work connected with road-building and lagging operations ealls for exceptional power, ample speed and maximum clearance, and these fea

tures have each received their due mead of consideration in the design of the new Republic model.

The chassis is of very sturdy build from end to end without incorporating components which are unnecessarily heavy.

The engine is a four-cylinder model, and except that it is capable of developing extreme power, its general construction follows the conventional in many respects. Indeed, this remark can be applied to other parts of the chassis, in so far as it embodies units which, although somewhat stronger than normal, have proved their worth under actual service conditions.

In designing the new chassis, the company have applied the principle of the bridge-builders' factor of safety, RO that every unit is really oversize, and in this way exceptional inherent strength is given to the whole chassis.

A feature, however, is the special multiple transmission, which provides for seven speeds in the forward direc

tion and was primarily designed to afford tremendous pulling power at the lowest speed and to give a good rate of speed in top gear.

Thus, when the new vehicle is used for work in gravel pits and stone quarries, as well as over the heavy trails Of the logging camps, the lower speed affords ample power to meet the most exacting conditions likely to be met Then, again, on the open road, and when time and delivery factors have to he considered, the high gear ratio enables a high average speed to be maintained.

Another outstanding feature of the new Republic chassis is the exceedingly high road clearance, and this enables the vehtle to operate through heavy sand and mud, as well as over highcrowned roads and through forest lands where tree stumps and giant roots have, in the past, proved difficult obstacles in the way of efficient lorry operation.

In this new model the powerful type of transmission brake introduced by the company is employed.


Locations: Alma

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