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Emergency Passenger Transport.

13th February 1919
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Page 6, 13th February 1919 — Emergency Passenger Transport.
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The wonderful adaptability of the petrol lorry, independent and selfecom. tained, to eases of emergency showed itself last week during the strike on the Loinlon Tubeeyetem, when the military authorities matte. dee of mato; lorries in order to convey employees-rin Govern: merit offices to and from their homes.. Regular services were established to ;Whitehall from a number of the outlying eukturbs, vehicles parading at different rendezvous at nine o'clock in the morning, and conveying the clerks and -workers to Whitehall, and then returning for a second load. The return journeys in,the evening were commenced at four o'clock, and at least two journeys were made by each vehicle. A large number el vehicles were employed in this service, each one having a route number and also an indicator. showing its destination. A further batch of lorries was also used beeween railway termini and the West-End, and Inany of ,these. were to be seen also running throughout the day. They stopped at a number of the regular stopping places for buses and picked up many a promiscuous fare. A number of firms also provided transport for their Workers. We particularly noticed lorries belonging to the Davisoia Aviation Harrunersmith utilized for this purpose.

The Norfolk County Surveyor states that the steam wagon and tractor are both doing excellent work, and have peeved of great service during the prevailing shortage of team labour.

Haulage in Warwickshire.

In a report to the Warwickshire County Council the Surveyor deals with haulage difficulties and urges the authority to acquire motor lorries for use hi each district.

For the two decades 1894-19/4 delivery of material for the roads was only 8(1.. per ton-mile, but last year it rose to is. 4d. As there is no likelihood of priers being reduced, much cif the haulage must be done by motor lorries. At the moment he is not satisfied as to the relative advantages of steam and petrol vehicles, but believes steam lorries will be preferable, though he suggests fur

.e20 ther information should be obtained on this point.

Meanwhile, for the 1919-20 road scheme he is asking the Road Board for ten solid rubber-tyred steam. motor lorries, with trailing wagons.

Information for India.

One of the partners of the firm of Frenchman, Brearley and Co., of Poona, India, has just arrived in this country with a view to buying new lorries for their several motor services in different parts of the Indian sub Continent, and. manufacturers are asked to forward particulars of their post-war models addressed as follows :—Mr. J. Brearley, care of Mrs. Binns, 20, Simpson Grove, Hell Lane, Armley, Leeds, which will be his headquarters while in England. Messrs. Frenchman, Brearley and Co. are one of the largest motor hiring firms in Western India, and they have the Government mail motor contracts, and also do a very large general repair business.

Ile Benevolent Fund.

At the last meeting of the executive committee of this fund, it was reported that the appeal of last year's president, Sir Charles Wakefield, had resulted to date in donations amounting to 23522 la. 6d., an amount which not only eclipsed all previous records, but which exceeded the total amount of donations received in the whole of the last financial year by over 2100. Mr. Wilson, the new president, whilst congratulating Sir Charles and the fund on the magnificent result, thinks he is set an almost intemsible task to do better.

Guy Prosperity.

Presiding at the annual meeting of shareholders of Guy Motors, Ltd., at Wolverhampton, on January 30th, Mr. J. A. Jordon, JP., the chairman of the company, indicated that, with the recent purchase of adjoining land, the company is in gossession of over 50 acres of valuable Iteehold, whilst some [louse property had been purchased for special purposes. The dividend distribution for the last complete financial year is at the rate of 10 per cent, per annum as against 71 per cent, per annum for the previous two years, and the directors are also in the happy position, not only of establishing a reserve fund with 210,000, but ' of carrying forward no leas than 216,676. Me. S. S. Guy spoke with enthusiasm of the hard-working, loyal and -conscientious staff of employees that he was fortunate enough to be working with. Throughout the whole meeting there was an atmosphere of the highest goodwill between all concerned.

Moore of Brighton (1919), Ltd.

From numerous inquiries which Messrs. Moore of Brighton have received, it would appear that many motorists and dealers are expressing doubt whether the firm of Moore, of Brighton, will be continued in consequence of the death of Mr. Henry Moore. This doubtless has been caused by the fact that Mr. Hugh Moore has not been connected with the business; during the last four years by reason of his army work. We are informed that no misapprehension should exist, because it is proposed to carry on the firm in future under the managing directorship. of Mr. Hugh Moore.

We are advised by the Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., that, in order to meet inquiries which occur in the Birmingham district, they have opened a branch office there at Guildhall Buildings, Navigation Street, where a thoroughly qualified and technical staff is available to deal with matters appertaining to the use of commercial motor vehicles, and,of courses with particular reference to those of Albion manufacture

A Guinea a Word.

The Leyland Motor Co. is desirous of standardizing the lettering of the word " Leyland" for display use in connection with their business, and, before reaching a decision, would like to have the benefit of suggestions from their many friends, business and otherwise, as to the way in which the lettering might be drawn.

Suggestions need only be roughly sketched, -they should be bold and yet in good taste. Efforts should be made to turn the special form of each or any of the letters to account. The finally „ chosen desigiemust be suitable for such diverse uses as printed advertisements, posters, brass name plates, castings, etc. One guinea will be paid for the best of the suggestions submitted, which should be addressed to The Manager, Publicity Dept., Leyland Motors (1914), Ltd., Leyland, Lancs., to reach there not Later than Saturday, February 22nd.

Motor Legislation Committee.

The Motor Legislation'Committee has now started active operations with offices at 83, Pall Mall, S.W.

The committee have appointed a general secretary and a Parliamentary

secretary. • The former, Lieut.-Col. Alfred Hacking, D.S.O., AC., Sherwood Foresters, prior to the war was practising as a solicitor in Westminster. The latter, Mr. Alexander Thomeont is a well-known Parliamentary organizer of long experience, and for the last two years was head organizer to the Coalition Liberal Party.

The committee is under the chairmanship pro tern. of Mr. Joynson-Hicks, M.P., with Mr.. Rees-Jeffreys, late Secretary of the Road Board, as deputy chairman.

Its objects include:— . (a) The mind removal of the war re' strictions on the use of motor vehicles.

(b) The restoration and strengthening of the roads and bridges of the country. (c) The provision of a plentiful supply of motor fuel at reasonable rates.

An invitation has been extended to all the motoring organizations to join the

committee. A conference of representatives of all the organizations will be summoned for the 14th inst.

A strong Parliamentary committee is being formed.

The matter for immediate consideration is the proposed new Ministry of Ways and Communications, and the manner in which the powers which it is reported are to be given to the new Ministry will affect not only the motoring community, but also the road authorities in particular and the whole community in general.

The committee is 'opposed to the placing of roads and railways under one Ministry, and advocates the reconstruction and strengthening of the Road Board.

The recent railway strikes have demonstrated the extreme importance of road traffic for passenger And goods conveyance, and have illustrated the possibility of large areas of the country being dependent on its efficiency.

Chars-a-bancs for Lancashire.

Messrs. Avery and Roberts, Ltd., of 148-154, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, report that they have sold 25 1919 40 h.p. Dennis char-A.-banes chassis fitted with 30-seater torpedo de luxe bodies to the Lancashire United Tramways, Ltd., of Atherton, Lancashire, who are running extensive motor coach tours from districts between Manchester and Liverpool, with 'depots at Atherton, Hindiey, Liverpool, etc. The bodies are of the very latest design for comfort and luxury.

Local Proceedings.

The Atherstene Rural District Council is applying for sanction to purchase a steam tractor and trailer,

The Redfcrd T.C. have been recommended by the Fire Brigade Committee to purchase a motor fire engine.

Camberwell Board of Guardians has appointed a sub-committee to obtain information as to suitable types of motor ambulances.

The Lowestoft Corporation has received the sanction of the Local Government Board to raise £1136 for the purchase of a steam wagon.

Manchester Corporation has accepted a tender of Frances Motors, Ltd., for the supply of a Ford standard motorcar for the Lighting Committee.

The Plymouth Corporation Mental Visiting Committee has asked the Medical Superintendent to report as to the purchase of a steam motor lorra-.

Halifax Town Council has accepted the offer of the Abergele Motor Co. to purchase three Ford " Ocasor " cars belonging to the Gas Committee for £360.

South Shields Electricity Committee has considered the cptestion of obtaining an additional electrical or other vehicle for the department and instructed the engineer to make inquiries and, if possible, obtain a vehicle.

6alford Corporation Lighting and Cleansing Committee recommends accepting the tender of H. E. Buck and Co., Ltd., Swinton, for the supply of two Leyland four-ton petrol motor wagons and bodies complete for the • sum of £1919 10s. "

Bolton Borough Surveyor suggested the advisability of purchasing motor vehicles for the highways department and the Corporation has appointed a special committee to consider the question of motor transport, and the formation of a municipal garage for the corporation departments.

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