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One Hears

13th December 1935
Page 37
Page 37, 13th December 1935 — One Hears
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of air-conditioning in the air.

Of too much speed across green signals.

That some magistrates are making themselves extremely unpopular.

That "limited hours" are a nightmare to many drivers as well as employers.

That Glasgow road users are in hourly expectation of their police force claiming to have the largest fleet of cars in the Kingdom.

• Of Southdown Tigers smartening-up Sussex bus routes.

That it is better to dig out your chains than your vehicle.

That horses, cyclists and trains are still able to get away with trafficlight offences without prosecution. • That, contrary to rumours, "The Heart of an Oil Engine" was not written by Ethel M. Dell. Less of " lorry girls" in this weather.

Of fish transport by road 'much to the fore.

That road risks may be considerable, but their relative importance is often grossly exaggerated.

That there is far more risk of being killed at home—particularly in one's bath—than on the road.

The eminent agricultural authority, Professor R. G. Stapledou, asserting that there must be no such thing as country inaccessibility.

Toll for the tollbridge," but only joy bells will ring for its passing.

That " disinterested " is a word seldom found in a business man's vocabulary.

That the railways certainly do not know the meaning of it Piteous appeals from drivers licence-less through suspension or heavy-vehicle-test difficulties.


Locations: Glasgow

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