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Final warning for speeding

11th October 2001
Page 21
Page 21, 11th October 2001 — Final warning for speeding
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Wrexham-based Andrew and Linda kyle, trading as Grafters, came "within a whisker of serious action" against their 0-licence after failing to maintain a speed limiter.

The partners appeared before Welsh Deputy Traffic ]ommissioner Alan Jenkins after pleading guilty before the :own's magistrates to one offence of failing to maintain a speed limiter and to eight of using a vehicle when the limiter Nas not restricting its speed { CM3-9 May).

Traffic examiner Geoffrey Whitley said that when he ?,xamined a vehicle seen speeding by the police he found that :he speed limiter cable had been severed. It was obvious from the tachograph records that it was not a recent defect.

He added that the severed cable should have been picked Jp during the preventive maintenance inspections.

Woolfall said that the maintenance contractor had been -,banged. Tachograph charts were now being sent for outside analysis, with the tachograph bureau being instructed to check the speed traces.

Andrew Imrie said that the firm operates two tankers, used for emptying septic and oil tanks as part of industrial services offered to customers. They were not used on a daily basis and could be standing on site for two or three weeks. He had twice written to the previous maintenance contractors asking why the defect had not been spotted, but got no reply. The two drivers had known that they were doing wrong and had been given final warnings. They had not been dismissed as they were part of a cleaning team and the company had spent a lot of money and time on training.

"The gravity of a culture of speeding is one that does not impress me," said the Deputy TC. "Somewhere along the line you are not getting the message through to your drivers."

Issuing the partners wtth a final warning, the DTC said that they had come within a whisker of serious action being

taken against their licence. However, he was satisfied and impressed that they had since taken the right steps to protect themselves and the public.


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