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One Hears

11th March 1915, Page 3
11th March 1915
Page 3
Page 3, 11th March 1915 — One Hears
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

"What about 'Not through Belgium? ' " That even service at home is seldom passive.

Of anxiety to be included in any all-British list.

Of a considerable demand for starting handles from overseas.

That it should soon be a matter of only the last thousand pounds.

That some of the new columns will need whites, and not sweaters.

That for it to be right at the Front a, wagon's origin must be right.

That the Treasury restrictions on new issues, however small, are most drastic.

That we asked for "em " and we are getting " em," but still need more of "em."

That the copy for the second Annual of the No. 5 Ambulance Convoy is not yet set.

"If you want a back load, advertise for it in THE CommEaciaa MOTOR, and you'll get it."

That new readers of this journal find the classified advertisements as productive as old readers do.

That it's still "Wheels, wheels, wheels," at some works, and at none more than Clarkson's, of Chelmsford.

That people who are interested should ask what became of the motor transport which came over from Canada.

That make nomenclature is helping the convoys in the City of London (Volunteer) Mechanical Transport Column.

That Barlow-1 and Perkins will again supply the hot-water steamers for the Messes at this year's Royal Show.

That the Bleaehers and Dyers Association in the Manchester district is buying steam wagons and selling petrol types.

That the " C.M." prophecies and reeammendations about rubber tires for steam wagons are now seen to have been correct.

That when that six-weeks notice is given by the W.D. the subsidy-model makers pray they will get it pro rata with the others.

That the R.A.C. has promised the gate money from the opening of its Waodeote Park Club to the Fund, and that four clinking good matches will be put up on the 20th inst. by well-known golfers. "Petrol manceuvres "—" Petrol war."

Of Heligoland':., Bight, but nothing of its barques Thatthe grate problem of the hour is, cold v. coaled.

That A.S.C. help for the Red Cross cars in Franca came none too soon.

• That the broad way that leadeth to destruction may be found in Hammersmith.

That many naturalized Germans on the coast are rendering the Fatherland signal service.

That many bitumen-bound roads have resisted both temperature and traffic oscillations.

That a sure way to get a notice in an electrical journal is to abuse THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR.

That we still import aniline dyes from Germany, and apparently discard the substitution of neutral tints.

• That it is strange for the Kaiser to put his trust in Zeppelins—as a rule one gasbag has no use for another. .

That Ulverston and neighbouring U.D.C.s lightheartedly and lighthandedly seek 2d, per bus-mile foi licences.

That, as the electric-supply concerns are pushing electrics, the gas-supply concerns have begun to advocate coke-firers.

That the trade boom will come in real earnest with the conclusion of peace, not of hostilities, and that the dates may be months apart.

That the new Ambulance. and Workshop Units attached to.alla Supply Columns render "First Aid" to men and machine respectively.

That but for the frosts many lorries in France would still have the same water in their radiators which they took out from England.

'That the " L.G.O.C. Garage Auxiliary" for the Fund is causing praiseworthy competition to be high . in the lists between the operating foremen.

That most writers in the electrical papers have yet to learn that experience over a term of years counts • more with users than either abuse of, or arguments against, the powers in possession.

That road-damaged Middlesex can none the less reduce the general county rate (including roads) from iold. to 90'. in the g this year, whereas the elementary-education rate goes up from 101d. to 101d., but that the tCounty Surveyor still imagines that he isa sarely-harassed official. .

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