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11th July 1996, Page 7
11th July 1996
Page 7
Page 7, 11th July 1996 — THE DELUSIOt OF CHEATINC
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his is a major problem for the indus' these people are undercutting the legiti hauliers and driving others out of busin Great quote. But what's it all about? It apply to just about any facet of the di side of transport like hours offences, tacho swinc overloading, maintenance. But in this case it's about cheats. As CM's lead story shows, far too many hal are employing drivers who are also claiming the dolt innocent mistake? Not on your nelly! Only a crar challenged dimwit wouldn't know the score. What ■ talking about here is collusion of the very worst Rather than offer legitimate employment (with all tiresome little details such as tax, national insurance health and safety) a disturbing number of operator happy to slip dole cheats peanuts to drive their wai And the chances are that if they're cheating the they're likely to cheat on everything else. Both of the ners in this particular crime are deluding themse When a dole claimant is caught—and given the vigc the Benefits Agency to track down dole cheats it's m matter of "when" rather than "if"—the pitiful gravy tr likely to be instantly derailed. And any operator wilt ludes in hiring dole cheats is putting his own liveliho risk. According to the Senior Traffic Commissi Michael Betts: "If I could be satisfied that an operator knowingly encouraged it then I would wish to question his repute." CM would put it rather more emotively. If a haulier knowingly hires dole cheats as drivers is he anything other than a cowboy? Talking of which, it was Wild Bill Hickok who reckoned that: "Cheating is a poor business procedure which can lead to loss of all profits," Considering what happened to him (he was shot in the back playing poker) that's quite a warning.


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