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4th September 1982, Page 4
4th September 1982
Page 4
Page 4, 4th September 1982

Eec Tariff Change?

TRANSPORT experts at the EEC Commission are recommending a radical change in the system of tariffs charged for carrying goods by road between member countries, reports our......

Hse Issues Exemptions

THE HEALTH and Safety Executive has issued three exemption certificates for certain provisions of the 1981 Dangerous Substances (Conveyance by Road in Road Tankers and Tank......

Lane Laws

HEAVY goods vehicles and vehicles drawing trailers will be banned from the third and fourth lanes of four-lane motorways in regulations which take effect from September 15.......

Labour/tuc Proposals

THE LABOUR PARTY/Trade: Union Congress proposals for 4 National Transport Authoriti and for a more regulated Britisl transport system were to bo revealed publicly this week. The......

Seddon Future Still Unclear As 201 Hits The Road

THE FUTURE of Seddon Atkinson was still unclear as we closed for press this week, although a company spokesman confirmed that discussions are still taking place with potential......